Shopkins – Shopping Spree: Shoe Dazzle Set

Manufacturer: Moose Toys
RRP: £14.99
Release Date: July 2015

There are so many ways to play and display with this Shopkins Fashion Playset. It can used for display and storage plus they connect to other playsets to create a shopping mall.

The Shoe Dazzle Playset has moveable parts, area for storage, 2 exclusive characters and a collector’s guide. These Shopkins know how to step out in style!

When Season 3 of Shopkins was released earlier this month, a wave of new playsets were also launched. Falling into two categories; ‘Fashion Spree’ and ‘Food Fair’, these new playsets help expand the Shopkins world further, allowing kids to do more than simply collect the loose characters. In this review, we’re looking at the Shoe Dazzle playset, which is part of the ‘Fashion Spree’ line.

If you collected Season 2 of Shopkins you will have hopefully got some of the shoes, which this particular playset is aimed at. Season 3 all rolled over the category, so there’s another chance to gain some more and help expand the number of characters you can play with. If you don’t have any, don’t worry – you get 2 exclusive shoes in this set, to help get the ball rolling.

The main features of the Shoe Dazzle playset include a ‘Spin N Display’ stand to show off your shoes, a high heel shoe stand, a mirror for your Shopkins to admire themselves in, 2 shoe boxes with lids and 2 exclusive jelly bags which open up for you to store more characters. There are also various platforms for you to display further characters if your collection is looking overly healthy.

We noticed a slight variation between the European and American versions of this playset – the most important being the mirror. In the American version, the mirror appears to be much clearer, whereas the European version is clearly a sticker with a reflective surface, which is prone to some warping when you look into in. Whilst the video portion of the review scored a 10/10 (which Amelia loved), the practical text version has to take the mirror into account and were only going to deduct 1 point off the overall rating.

It really is a great set and there’s plenty for any Shopkins fan to entertain themselves with, here. Combined with the other playsets you really get a sense of how big the Shopkins world can / will be, and with over 450 Shopkins (through season 1-3) to collect, that can only be a good thing!

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“The Shoe Dazzle set is really fun, and I love the exclusive shoes you get with the set. The mirror is cool and all the Shopkins can see themselves in it. The big shoe was like a slide and the Shopkins can slide down it! You can also store your Shopkins in the shoe boxes and jelly bags.”




shopkins-shoedazzle-1  shopkins-shoedazzle-2

shopkins-shoedazzle-3  shopkins-shoedazzle-4

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