The Ugglys Pet Shop Series 1: Sample Bags

Manufacturer: Moose Toys (imported by Character Options in the UK)
RRP: £FREE (promotional in-store giveaway)
Release Date: June 2015

Introducing The Ugglys Pet Shop – the sickest, rudest and crudest pets yet! These collectable Uggly figures are small in size but big on gross! With tonnes of disgusting pets to collect.

We’re definitely moving into an era where toys are becoming less gender specific, and The Ugglys Pet Shop are a perfect example of this. Sure, the characters have some pretty gross names, but when Amelia was putting together her video review of the new sample bags (see below), it was clear she was loving the toys (especially the character names).

There really are some truly funny names in this first series, but ‘Smelly Shihtzu’ might be sailing a little close to the line for a kids toy 🙂

There are 101 pets to collect in Series 1, spread over 7 categories (Slimiest, Smelliest, Hairiest, Grossest, Stickiest, Gross Homes & Limited Edition) – including an 8th category for ‘Surprise Poop’. Two of those categories have a special finish; ‘Stickiest’ have a sticky finish and the ‘Limited Editions’ have a rusty finish.

As for rarity, these are split up into 5 levels; Common, Rare, Ultra Rate, Gross Homes and Limited Edition.

The Ugglys Pet Shop are manufactured by Moose Toys, who brought us the popular Shopkins range, and as has come to be expected, the toys are of great quality and a lot of thought has gone into the collectability factors. Judging from the reaction they get from the kids, it’s safe to say a Series 2 would be a dead cert.

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“The Ugglys are great because they are funny and have silly names. I found it hard to make the review video because saying their names kept making me laugh. Even though I got some duplicates, I’m looking forward to swapping them with my friends.”

moosetoys-ugglys-series1   moosetoys-ugglys-series1-1

moosetoys-ugglys-series1-2   moosetoys-ugglys-series1-3

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