Shopkins Season 3: 2-Pack & Sample Bags

Manufacturer: Moose Toys
RRP: £2.50 (Sample bags are a FREE promotional giveaway)
Release Date: July 2015

Get ready for another super-cute shopping spree with Shopkins Series 3! This Shopkins double pack contains two characters, a new purple glittery shopping basket and Shopkins List.

When we saw the first season of Shopkins back in 2014, we knew the range was going to be a big hit with the kids. The collectability, range and imagination that has gone into each and every character is commendable, and it’s no surprise that the third season is now hitting the shelves. At the time of writing this review, we literally just got our hands on the product on its day of release here in the UK.

We’re kicking off with the 2-Pack, and, as an added bonus, we also have 4 sample bags – each containing 1 Shopkin from the Season 3 range.

The first thing to notice is the Shopping basket has had a design overhaul, with a glittery purple exterior, and thin green handles. The basket is now longer, but slightly shorter in width. As with the previous Shopkins 2-Packs, there are 2 yellow blind bags inside, each containing a random shopkin from Season 3.

In our draw, we got Sconnie (International Food; Common) and Shady (Hats; Common).

As for the sample bags – which you can pick up from stockists giving them away as part of the Season 3 promotional launch – we got 4 in total. 3 of the characters were the same; Jennifer Rayne (Shoes; Rare), and the other was the shiny Choc Kiss (Sweet Treats; Rare).

It’s clear from just the few bags we had that there is only a small selection of the 140+ available in this season in the promotional bags. That said, all 4 of the ones we got were Rare, so we’re not complaining!

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“I like the new season of Shopkins as the bags for the 2-pack are glittery. I was very happy to get Sconnie and Shady. Shady is funny because of the glasses. I was also excited to get the shiny Choc Kiss shopkin in the sample bag!”

images-shopkins-season3-2pack-1   images-shopkins-season3-2pack-2

images-shopkins-season3-2pack-3   images-shopkins-season3-2pack-4

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2 thoughts on “Shopkins Season 3: 2-Pack & Sample Bags

  1. Hi guys! Fantastic review! Amelia is adorable and it’s clear she is enjoying the video reviews!

    I couldn’t believe it when I saw you guys had the new shopkins as I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE for the past few weeks. Do you know which stores now have them in stock? Im based in Sheffield and no-one locally has anything in stock 🙁

    Andy Earley

    • Hey Andy,

      Thrilled that you like the reviews, and will certainly pass on the feedback to Amelia.

      We got ours from The Entertainer, who just got their stock yesterday. You may also have some luck with Argos as I believe they get their shipments this week, too.

      Seb @ ToysWorld

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