LEGO Jurassic World: ‘Raptor Escape’ Set [75920]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £39.99
Release Date: May 2015
No. of pieces: 394
Build Time: 1 Hour approx.

Uh-oh – there’s double dino trouble in Jurassic World! One of the raptors has escaped its pen and is running loose. Jump into the high-speed offroader and set off in hot pursuit. Fire the flick shooter and use Barry’s tranquilizer gun to tame the menacing marauder. Meanwhile, the other raptor has triggered the trap function to bring the vet toppling down into its pen. Rush back to save him before the raptor can grab him in its snapping jaws.

Our third review in the LEGO Jurassic World range is for the ‘Raptor Escape [75920]’ playset.

With the previous two sets being vehicle centric, we were keen to get our hands on the first of the actual playsets, as these form ‘bases’ that your vehicles can travel to and from.

Those expecting an exact replica of the raptor pen, as-seen in Jurassic World, may be a little disappointed, as this set is a much more scaled down version. That being said, all the important elements of the scenes from the movie are here; the 2 raptors (Delta and Echo), the trap, the gate, and of course the pen enclosure. If we could add just one more element, it would be the doomed Pig!

Each raptor comes in 7 pieces, which are easy to snap together, and within a couple of minutes you can start terrorising your mini-figures (and household members). Speaking of mini-figures, you get Barry and a vet. Barry comes with a tranquilizer gun, and the vet comes with a shock rod.

Even though Barry doesn’t get one of those cool shock rods, he does come with his very own Jurassic World branded offroader. This was simple to put together, and as always, it’s the stickers that take the most time – especially if you’re perfectionists like us!

As for the pen, this was particularly enjoyable to put together – especially the gate, which is a great nod back to that first scene from the very original Jurassic Park movie. There is a convenient ramp connected to the gate, so you can easily drive the offroader through.

There are some great features with the set, including the previously mentioned mini-figure trap, which is activated when the raptor jumps up and hits the disc, a feeding slot which slides open to reveal a chicken leg, moveable searchlights, and electric fence details.

Overall, this is a great set that could only be made better by increasing the size of the pen, as the raptors can feel a little cramped – maybe that’s why they want to escape?! The consistency of quality, features and value for money has been incredibly high with the LEGO Jurassic World sets so far, and it is showing no sign of stopping.

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“I really liked this set – especially the feature where the raptor hits the disc and the vet falls down! The gate is really cool, too, and I like how you can drive the car through the gates and back out again. I was also careful when feeding the chicken to the raptor as I didn’t want it to bite my fingers off!”


toysworld-lego-jurassicworld-raptorescape-1  toysworld-lego-jurassicworld-raptorescape-2

toysworld-lego-jurassicworld-raptorescape-3  toysworld-lego-jurassicworld-raptorescape-4

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