Rubik’s Spark

Manufacturer: John Adams Leisure Ltd / IDEAL
RRP: £26.99
Release Date: May 2016
Ages: 8+ Years

productinfoExperience the all-new electronic Rubik’s Cube and discover a fresh way to physically control your game play. 6 Mind-blowing Games, each with 25 Unique Levels that will test your Memory, Speed, Dexterity & Logic.

No buttons! No Touch Screen! A NEW dimension of Game Control! Simply control the Spark by tilting & turning.

The infamous Rubik’s Cube has been around for nearly 40 years, and has seen little change over that time, due to the timeless and ingenious appeal that the puzzle toy offers. It seems only fitting that in a truly digital age, Rubik’s should enter the marketplace with a completely new toy that has turned many heads in the gaming industry – enter the Rubik’s Spark!

It may look like a cube, and it sports the familiar Rubik’s logo, but that is where the similarity ends; for this new toy relies on the user to tilt and turn the cube (as opposed to twisting the individual slats, as with the Rubik’s Cube). The individual white squares light up red, in conjunction with the 6 different games – each with 25 levels, which can be played in Single Player or Multiplayer modes;

Light The Cube
The object of this game is to light the entire cube by tilting and turning the Spark cube.

Seek & Destroy
The object of this game is to find and land on the flashing cube to destroy it.

Snackin’ Snake
Just like the popular ‘Snake’ game on the old Nokia mobile phones, this is a big, 3D update of the game, complete with sound effects. Simply guide the snake to the flashing food cubes – but watch out, as the more he eats, the bigger he gets!

Tilt ‘n’ Zap
This game tests your reflexes as you have to quickly zap the lit cube before the time runs out.

Follow the Path
This is a neat little memory game that gets increasingly more difficult as you try to remember the light sequences.

Rubik’s DJ
Whilst this isn’t strictly a game, you can have lots of fun making music by tilting and turning the Sparks to make different sounds.

To switch the device on / off you can lift one of the main side panels off (Tip: it’s the panel with the Rubik’s logo on it) – this gives you access to the switch as well as the battery compartment, should you need to replace it.

Overall we were very impressed with the Rubik’s Spark; it’s an addictive and engaging toy that will keep you entertained for hours, but its shining feature is the ability to play with your friends or family – road trips just became a little easier 🙂 This is definitely one to put on the Christmas stocking-filler list!



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