Oddbods: Pogo – Voice Activated Interactive Soft Toy

Manufacturer: Golden Bear Products / RP2 Global
RRP: £29.99
Release Date: June 2016
Ages: 3+ Years

productinfoMeasuring 28cm high and made from super soft plush fabric, both Fuse and Pogo feature a unique facial expression to match their distinctive personality! Each sold separately.

Batteries included. Suitable for children aged 3 years and over.

If the Minions and the Teletubbies were ever cross-bred, then the Oddbods are surely the end result! Fresh off the back of the popular kids cartoon series, Oddbods now have their own line of toys that will certainly appeal to fans of the Minions.

The first product from the range that we got our hands on is ‘Pogo‘; a voice activated interactive soft toy. Pogo has 2 modes; a ‘walking’ mode and a ‘super sounds’ mode, which you can alternate between via the button on the reverse battery pack.

You operate Pogo by squeezing his hand once, to hear a short beep, and then speak to him. He will then gibber away in his own Oddbods language (much like the fun, nonsensical dialogue the Minions offer). If you have him in walking mode, Pogo will move around whilst speaking. If you have him in super sounds mode, Pogo will stand still and respond to you each time you talk to him. To switch Pogo off, you simply squeeze his hand again to hear a double beep, indicating his has turned off. There are 10 sounds in total, and your kids (and you) will soon know them all.

What’s rather good about Pogo is that, unlike most other voice activated toys, he is soft and cuddly and be brought into your child’s bed at nighttime, as opposed to the hard, decidedly un-cuddly toys that normally find their way to the corner of the room when the lights go out.

On the downside, the novelty does wear off relatively quickly, and with just 10 phrases, the price tag doesn’t quite justify the playability, but if your child is after a cuddly toy that does a little more than the average bear, then Pogo is definitely for them!


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