LEGO City: ‘Prison Island Starter Set’ [60127]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £8.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 92
Build Time: 15-20 Minutes approx.

productinfoGrab the crooks at the pier stash before they run with the loot!

Sound the alarm, there’s been a breakout at Prison Island! Hop in the police buggy to race after the crook and catch him before his friend meets him in his getaway watercraft. Hurry, before they make off with the hidden loot! The action never ends in LEGO City!

Whether you have purchased any of the LEGO City Prison Island sets already or not, the Prison Island Starter Set [60127] is definitely worth picking up – it’s only £8.99 and the brick to cost ratio works out at just £0.09p!

In this set you get 4 minifigures (a policewoman, a policeman and 2 prisoners), a police buggy, a boat and a small pier platform. The policewoman comes with a torch, the policeman comes with a walkie talkie and handcuffs, and the prisoners come with a pickaxe, a backpack, banknotes and a ball and chain.

You can easily incorporate all of the elements and figures in this set to the existing Prison Island range – the prison can always do with more inmates! We particularly liked the pier platform with its rocky accents and hidden storage – we connected this section to the back of the main Prison Island set, which makes for a welcome feature addition.

The police buggy is simple to build, but features some nice design accents, including the front headlight plate, a lifting roll cage, and a neat printed ‘police’ brick at the front. Likewise the boat / raft is easy to put together, featuring a great use of reds and blacks; it’s small and sleek and allows the prisoners to make a quick getaway.

Build time was around 15-20 minutes, and whilst a short timeframe, every part of the build was enjoyable – particularly the pier platform with it’s hidden storage for the banknotes. It was nice to actually build the boat, rather than the pre-made dinghy pieces that you get with some of the other water-based sets.

We cannot find fault with this set; the price, the builds and the overall enjoyment factor make it a must-have!



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