LEGO City: ‘4 x 4 Off Roader’ [60115]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £8.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 176
Build Time: 30 Minutes approx.

productinfoTake the race off-road and win!

Get the 4×4 Off Roader ready for the big desert race! Check the spare tire and make sure it’s pumped up and then fill the gas can. Use the tools to check out the truck and then strap the driver in. Excitement roars around every corner in LEGO City!

On the outer rim of LEGO City are the wild lands where the new 4 x 4 Off Roader is at home! Here you will find this robust vehicle tearing up the dunes and powering past the competitors of the LEGO dune races! (That’s the story we told ourselves, anyway!) 🙂

The off roader, once built, is stunning – the greens, reds and whites really stand out and the imposing chunky tyres make the vehicle look and feel durable and meaty. There’s an additional ‘spare’ tyre on the back of the off roader, housed within a roll-cage type structure, which also stands out and looks sharp. From the rear mud-flaps, through to the side grills, shock-absorbers and lights, the off roader feels incredibly complete, and the stickers just finish off the aesthetic perfectly.

Also included with the set is a handy tool cart, which can hold up to 10 tools; you get an oil can, a tyre drill, a jack, wrenches, a hammer and a screwdriver. It looks just like a scaled down version of a tool cart you’d find in any garage, and its one of our favourite builds in the entire set.

There’s a fuel barrel included as well as a very minimal terrain piece featuring a sand beige, 6×2 base plate along with an angled brick, a white ‘Octan Racing’ flag, some greenery and a scorpion. As silly as it may sound, this set just wouldn’t feel complete without the scorpion – it just feels so right in the desert setting, perched neatly on the terrain build.

Build time was clocked at around 30 minutes and was extremely enjoyable and satisfying to put together. As any of our regular readers will know, we’re very particular with our sticker placement, and we always get a little anxiety when a set comes with several stickers 🙂 – That being said, they look fantastic in situ, and it has us thinking ahead to the newly released LEGO City Octan ‘Service Station [60132]‘ set.

At £17.99, the price point is bang on, with a very reasonable brick to cost ratio of around £0.10, As with the ‘Ambulance Plane [60116]‘ set, we are now wishing there was a bigger set for this one to interact and be part of.



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