LEGO City: ‘Ambulance Plane’ [60116]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £17.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 183
Build Time: 30 Minutes approx.

productinfoFly in and transport the motorcyclist to the hospital!

Cheer on the motorcyclist as he rides past! If he falls during the ride, help the doctor tend to the injured motorcyclist. Then put him on the stretcher, load him into the Ambulance Plane and fly him to safety!

It’s a slightly random release, considering the last LEGO City Hospital set was released more than 10 years ago, but the ‘Ambulance Plane set is welcomed with wide open arms. The very fact this set has been released gives a glimmer of hope that LEGO *may* have a new Hospital set on the cards, but, until then, we were excited to get our hands on this little set.

In a year where aviation seems to be playing a big part in the LEGO City range,  the Ambulance Plane fits right in to the airport theme, whilst standing out on its own 2, 6 feet.

Firstly, from a visual perspective, the plane looks fantastic! The twin tails are a nice touch and the included stickers really help make the plane look authentic. To the back of the aircraft, there are two hinged flaps; the top flap lifts up and the bottom flap flips down for you to be able to put the stretcher, the motorcyclist and the doctor in the back. The front hood of the plane lifts off for you to place the pilot inside, and there’s a nice printed ‘control’ console piece that further adds to the overall visual.

As a final word on the visuals, we love the attention to detail on the engines! The housing, grills and propellors look stunning for a lower price point set, and we were genuinely impressed with them. As well as the plane, you also get a motorcycle / dirt bike – this time in the lime green colouring. It only takes a couple of minutes to put together, but it makes a nice addition and, more importantly, a reason for the Ambulance Plane in the first place!

As mentioned, there are 3 minifigures included in the set; the pilot, the doctor and the motorcyclist. The Doctor comes with a syringe accessory, and, due to the lego sizing, looks more the size of a horse tranquilliser (let’s hope the motorcyclist doesn’t need it!) 🙂 Rather fantastically, the pilot mini figure is female, and as with other 2016 LEGO City range sets, it’s great to see some diversity in the split between mini figure genders in these sets.

Total build time was around 30 minutes, and we really enjoyed putting this one together. Layering up the plane and, in particular, putting the engines together were a really satisfying part of the build.

At just £17.99, we think this is a terrific value set for the money, as well as a welcomed addition to your new LEGO City ‘Airport [60104]. Let’s keep everything crossed that a new LEGO City Hospital release isn’t too far off the horizon (the motorcyclist is patiently waiting, too!).



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