ToysWorld LEGO Advent Challenge – Day 14 (14th December 2020)

Day 14:

Bag 14 today! The roof goes on to both shops today; love the sloping back of Flourish & Blotts, juxtaposed with the dark brown of Fortesques. There are some lovely little accents that finish off the build, too, including a mini seating motif on the roof of Fortesques, white chairs with white horn legs (these work REALLY well!), and a black and yellow lamp.

We have our final minifigure for this particular building, too – Gilderoy Lockhart – complete with purple garbs and a purplr cloak with gold lining.

Tomorrow we begin our final building in the Diagon Alley set – Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes & Knockturn Alley. Make sure you join us in this final leg of the challenge!

Check out today’s speed-build video, below!


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