Nocto: The Light-Up Bat With Battitude

Manufacturer: Vivid Imaginations
RRP: £49.99
Release Date: July 2016
Ages: 3-15 Years

productinfoNocto is the light-up teenage bat with ‘battitude’ boasting over 50 interactive features. Just like all typical teenagers he likes to hang around, sleep and listen to music but he’s also prone to some serious mood swings! Nocto has 6 different moods and modes, each with associated light colours, expressions, sounds and movements – enemies beware as he will sound the alarm in protect mode when he detects intruders!

Another one of our favourite toys that were showcased at Toy Fair back in January was Nocto – a robotic bat “with battitude”, and with the recent resurgence of robotic pals to choose from, ToysWorld are pleased to report that Nocto is among the very best.

With 6 different modes to choose from (Play, Game, Protect, Fly, Music & Sleep), there is so much that Nocto can do, not to mention the mesmerising, colour-changing lights that cover his wings and tummy. There are also 6 different moods, represented by a different colour:

Blue = Chilled
Purple = Moody
Red = Angry
Orange = Energy
Green = Happy
White = Relaxed

Going through the various features in order, we start with ‘Play’. In this mode, Nocto waits for you to press his buttons (accessed on his tummy or on his head). You can also make movements in front of the sensor on his head, and he will react to you. Nocto reacts by flapping his wings, moving his (rather large) ears, playing sounds, and showing his emotions through colour and the LCD eye screens.

Game’ mode has 4 different games you can play with Nocto; ‘Fruit Bat Machine’ where you press his tummy button and try to match the cycling options with a second press. If you get it correctly he will light up green and play a congratulatory sound. ‘Ask Nocto’ works like the Magic 8-Ball, where you ask a Yes/No question and Nocto will respond with a tick, cross or question mark. ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ gives you the chance to play the classic game with Nocto. He chooses one of the three options and you have to select your option with a button press. The final game is ‘Snap’, where Nocto will cycle through symbols and once you see a matching pair you have to quickly shout snap.

Protect’ mode acts as a room guard, where you can set Nocto up to protect your room, or an object, and after a 3 second countdown, his system is armed to protect. We were surprised at just how sensitive and effective this mode was, and the alarm he plays is reassuringly loud! Great to stop your brother or sister from entering your bedroom!

Every kid will pretend their toy can play at some stage or other, and Nocto comes with his own flying mode to accommodate this. Simply hold his tummy button down for 3 seconds to cycle to the ‘Flying’ mode, press his head button and then hold him around the room as he flaps his wings. He also emits a green light to show his happiness!

In ‘Music’ mode, you can play music to Nocto and he will dance to whatever tune you throw at him, whilst blowing you away with his own light show. Watch out though; he will also rate your music out of 5, depending on how much he likes (or dislikes) it! Nocto comes with a couple of his own songs that he dances to as well. These tunes, although a bit annoying will get stuck in your head ALL DAY! 🙂

Nocto’s final mode is ‘Sleep’ mode. He comes supplied with a special hanger that you can place on the edge of a shelf or overhang, and actually hang Nocto upside down – this is his preferred method of sleeping. Make sue you don’t repeatedly try waking him up though, as he will start getting angry!

For those of you worried about battery life, Nocto will automatically power down by himself if he’s not played with for a few minutes. Owing to the fact he requires 4 x AA batteries, you can actually get a lot of use from the batteries. We’ve been using him around the clock for over a week so far and he’s showing no signs of needing to replace his batteries.

There’s a heck of a lot that’s packed into Nocto for the very reasonable £49.99 price tag, but what makes him stand out most is that whilst the features are indeed fantastic and the unit itself is thoroughly entertaining, Nocto actually comes with a personality that so many electronic buddies appear to be missing. Nocto definitely plays to the stereotype of a typical teenager; moody, listens to music, likes to sleep a lot – and like most parents, you’ll find yourself working hard to keep him in good spirits.

This is an excellent product from the fantastic team at Vivid Imaginations, and you can guarantee hours, days, weeks and, dare we say, months of entertainment for your kids with Nocto.


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