LEGO Star Wars Rogue One: ‘Imperial Assault Hovertank’ [75152]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £29.99
Release Date: September 2016
No. of pieces: 385
Build Time: 50 Minutes approx.

productinfoHelp Chirrut battle the troopers patrolling the streets in their Imperial Assault Hovertank.

With a rotating and elevating turret gun with dual spring-loaded shooters, elevating side guns, opening two-minifigure cockpit, storage container and ‘hover-look’ transparent wheels, the Imperial Assault Hovertank is the ultimate urban patrol vehicle. Includes 3 minifigures.

With a matter of weeks to wait until the first ever Star Wars spin-off movie ‘Rogue One’, LEGO give us the first taster of what we can expect, with their new line of tie-in sets.

We kick off with the Imperial Assault Hovertank set. On first glance, it may seem quite a blocky build, compiled of mainly grey pieces, but having seen the version in the movie, the likeness is actually incredibly accurate!

There are several key features, including articulated weapons at the front, which move up and down, red missiles (hidden under the front hatch), a cockpit for the stormtroopers to sit and drive the vehicle and a storage container.

Another really cool feature is the ‘hover’ wheels, which make the vehicle look like its actually hovering when you push it.

There are three mini-figures included with the set; two stormtroopers (one with a longer gun and one with a shorter gun), and Chirrut Îmwe, who comes complete with a bow, and a staff. There’s also some fantastic detailing in his red and black sash.

Build time was around 50 minutes, and key areas that were of particular enjoyment to put together were the front and rear fins, which feature a layered grill element, and also the storage container, which really stands out due to its orange colour.

This is by no means a visually stunning set, but then it doesn’t have to be. It fits the tone of Rogue One perfectly, with its gritty feel and hard edges, and it definitely feels like a vehicle built for war.

At just £29.99, you definitely get some good value for money with the set; it feels robust and with 3 mini-figures to play with, there’s lots of role play options and elements to further the field of play.



lego-starwarsrogueone-imperialassaulthovertank-5  lego-starwarsrogueone-imperialassaulthovertank-6

lego-starwarsrogueone-imperialassaulthovertank-7  lego-starwarsrogueone-imperialassaulthovertank-8

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