LEGO City: ‘Prison Island’ [60130]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £69.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 754
Build Time: 2 Hours approx.

productinfoHelp the police lock up the bad guys on LEGO® City Prison Island! Watch the crooks work out in the prison yard and open up the prison to see the crooks make their escape plans. You and the police have to be on high alert to catch the crooks sliding through the sewer to catch the getaway boat! Jump in the helicopter and stop them from making an aerial escape in the hot air balloon. They’ll do anything to escape from Prison Island!

Sometimes there are criminals too dangerous to keep locked up in the town-based LEGO Police station, and with rumours of overcrowding, what do you do with the inmates who require that extra level of security? Don’t worry…LEGO have an answer for that – Prison Island!

In this set (which is basically Alcatraz), you get the main police station, 2 boats, a helicopter, a hot air balloon, a helipad dock and 8 mini-figures. What’s even more amazing is that you get all this for just £69.99! Compared to the new Fire Station which retails at £89.99 (which we recently reviewed and LOVED), you feel even more spoiled with the value for money, and cannot help thinking there is a slight shift in LEGO‘s position on price point.

There are so many great features to enjoy in Prison Island; from the sewer escape hatch – complete with the trap-door bed, to the prisoner cells, powerhouse and control tower. Hook on the anchor from the prisoner’s boat to the bars of the sewer, and once you spring your buddy free from his jail cell, he will slide down the sewer, ready to be picked up. You can also hook on the rope from the hot air balloon to the hatch of the other prison sell to prize it open and free another prisoner.

It was a fantastic build experience, too, and so many elements which you build from the ground up feel so satisfying when they start to make sense and snap-in to other areas of the set. The control tower felt never ending as you keep adding on a layer, but once the satellite dish is crowned on the top of the build, it looks particularly impressive!

The whole set has made excellent us of space except for the far left, rear section which has a cavity that could have been used for another room or a hidden rock / cave space. Also, the main front section of the prison yard has a top that looks like you can connect another set to it, but we’ve found no evidence to support the idea which is a little strange. Minor niggles aside, you cannot help but be impressed with Prison Island – with so much to see and do, you can be guaranteed many hours of play with this set.



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