LEGO Angry Birds: ‘Bird Island Egg Heist’ [75823]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £34.99
Release Date: April 2016
No. of pieces: 277
Build Time: 1 Hour approx.

productinfoCatapult into action and take back the eggs from the Piggy Trike!

Red’s hot temper has landed him in an Angry Bird Anger Management Class at Matilda’s House­—but he’s even angrier when a naughty piggy steals the eggs! Catapult Red at the Piggy Trike and take the eggs from the box in the back of the trike! Play out action-packed scenes from The Angry Birds Movie and return the eggs to the flock.

Angry Birds took the world by storm when it was released on the Apple App Store back in 2009. In just under a year they had sold over 12 million copies of the game!

7 years later and the franchise shows no end of slowing, with new toys, and a movie now hitting the big screen. It is therefore no surprise that LEGO have teamed up with Rovio Entertainment to release a thrilling new line of official Angry Birds LEGO sets!

ToysWorld have managed to get our hands on one of the sets we were most looking forward to; the ‘Bird Island Egg Heist’ set. When we visited Toy Fair back in January and saw the Angry Birds sets on offer, this was immediately one that stood out to us. It has all the humour of the game, but with the fuel injection of the LEGO creative team.

There are some familiar moments from the movie in this set – in fact, anyone who saw some of the trailers for the movie will recognise Matilda’s anger management retreat and the annoying sign that stands outside of it.

In addition to the hut, you get the Biker Pig and his motorcycle. Biker pig has come to Bird Island to steal the eggs for himself, and it’s up to Red (despite his anger management classes) to launch himself at the bike and claim back the eggs.

There are lots of great features within the set; obviously there’s the bike which can move with some speed across the room when pushed, and the basket at the back, which holds the eggs, can be detached.

The hut itself was particularly enjoyable to build, and includes a catapulting step to fire Red from, a painting studio for Matilda, and various earthy features including window planters (which swing out to give you marginally more play space), and a tree-laden roof – complete with dangling vines and palm fronds.

The ‘Anger Management Class’ sign, which sits outside the hut, can spin in a 360 motion – just like in the movie, too.

Also included (apart from the 3 mini-figures of Red, Matilda and Biker Pig) are two bird nests – each capable of holding 2 eggs.

At £34.99, the price is quite reasonable for everything that you get, and if we had just one minor niggle, it would be that the catapulting step doesn’t really launch your angry bird very far.



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