LEGO City: ‘Fire Ladder Truck’ [60107]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £17.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 214
Build Time: 45 Minutes approx.

productinfoPut out the burning oil barrel!

Hop in the Fire Ladder Truck and race to the scene! Extend the ladder and put out the fire. Use the special stud-shooting hose to battle the blaze and fight the flames on the ground with the fire extinguisher. Keep the oil barrel from exploding! It’s up to you to protect the city!

LEGO, as part of their refreshed ‘Fire’ range, have released a standalone Fire Truck for your pyrotechnic pleasure! Whether you’ve taken the leap into purchasing the fantastic new Fire Station set or not, this additional truck is still well worth getting.

Although smaller than the fire truck from the main set, this model will help come to the rescue of some of the smaller fire emergencies in your own LEGO worlds. You should also be able to fit it into one of the buildings of the main fire station set, too.

The main ladder feature on the truck is fantastic, and incorporates some elements from the LEGO Technic range. Likewise, the hose system is well thought out and spools in and out of the truck housing. There’s also an oil barrel which your firemen (and women) can extinguish the flames from. It’s so good to see LEGO really taking gender equality into their products, and it just makes it everything more accessible and relatable for boys and girls.

The build itself was really enjoyable and the layers of the truck, combined with the ladder mechanism make the whole thing feel larger than its part. The price point is bang on too, and with various features and two mini-figures to contend with, your £17.99 is worth every penny!



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