Jacob’s MOC Of The Month: February 2021

In a new feature for ToysWorld, we welcome 7-year-old Jacob Brook, who will be putting together a LEGO MOC each month as well as his thoughts behind the build. Getting back to heart of LEGO, we want to reignite with that childhood connection to the bricks, with builds that are 100% from the imagination.

This month, Jacob presents ‘Chinese Temple‘.

“We are currently studying China in school, and I really love the style of the buildings, so I thought, ‘why not build one in LEGO’? I started with a base from a LEGO Trolls set and worked my way up with brown square pieces. I even used some spare brick separators to look like an ancient Chinese temple. The top of the temple is inspird by Chinese symbols. I also remembered that in China there are cherry blossom trees, so I wanted to include them in the build, too.”

We think it looks fantastic, and particularly love Jacob’s creative use of the brick separator pieces – what a great way to turn them into an actual part of your build!

Check out Jacob’s Chinese Temple, below:

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