ToysWorld LEGO Advent Challenge – Day 17 (17th December 2020)

Day 17:

Bag 17 today! Work begins on floor one of Weasley’s Wizard Weezes today, but not before we finished off the rounded window units of the ground floor. They look fantastic – carrying on the bowed window style from Ollivanders. That orange really pops, and now that we get to add some height to the purple bricks, the contrast is really evident. Add to that the occssional gret brick and it makes the building feel like it has some age to it. There’s also a rather funky orange and purple hanging motif for outside the building. Not quite sure of its purpose yet, but it can rotate.

Today’s minifigure is Fred (or is it George?) Weasley! Join us tomorrow as we even out floor one amd add a rather cool window display!

Check out today’s speed-build video, below!


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