ToysWorld LEGO Advent Challenge – Day 16 (16th December 2020)

Day 16:

Bag 16 today! Stickers!!! Aggghhh!!! – I both love and hate stickers! On one hand they look so good, but on the other they can take a lot of trial and error placing them – especially if you’re a perfectionist (like me). I’m mainly talking about the stairs… each step has a sticker on it, going upwards. If, fellow reader, you are yet to buy this set, PLEASE take our advice and make sure you put the stickers towards the very top of each step, otherwise you’ll do what I did and when you place them, the stickers will be half hidden due to placing them too far down the brick. Aaaaand breathe… so, after carefully removing each sticker, I managed to place them correctly and the universe is right again. 🙂

Stickers aside, today also saw the build up of the walls, with that striking light purple brick against the orange.

We got a new minifigure today with this bag – Lucius Malfoy! Join us tomorrow where we begin work on floor one and there’s MORE STICKERS!

Check out today’s speed-build video, below!


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