ToysWorld LEGO Advent Challenge – Day 11 (11th December 2020)

Day 11:

Bag 11 today! Work continues on Flourish & Blotts and Fortesque with the bright yellow shop front of the Fortesques now beginning to take shape. One of our favourite parts of today’s build is the bookcase that slots into the corner of Flourish & Blotts; it’s actually a little complex with the connective nature of the book tiles, themselves, but when they’re all put together, it really look stand out.

Oh – forgot to mention we get a minifigure of Ginny Weasley in bag 11, and together with Ron and Molly Weasley (from previous bags), we’re really starting to build up the family!

Tomorrow it looks like we focus on the fascias for both shops, so make sure you come back to follow the progress!

Check out today’s speed-build video, below!


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