Teletubbies Superdome Playset – [Character Options]

Manufacturer: Character Options
RRP: £29.99
Ages: 18 Months+

productinfoJoin the Teletubbies at the Home Hill Dome! The Superdome playset is packed with features for hours of Teletubbies fun.

Press the toast button for pop up Tubby toast with sound effects, or move Noo-noo across the floor to hear slurping noises!

The Teletubbies are back! It’s crazy to think that the very first episode aired 19 years ago, and very little has changed with the style of the programme. With the launch of the new line of toys from Character OptionsTeletubbies fans are spoilt for choice with some awesome new playsets and figures.

The first toy that we’re looking at is the Teletubbies Superdome Playset, which retails at £29.99. Firstly, the packaging is incredibly eye-catching, and if your child happens to see it on display in the shops, be prepared to respond to your (yelled) name!

There’s plenty going on in the set to keep your child’s attention; sounds, lights, levers and things to twist and slide. There’s a merry-go-round, a lift, a toaster, Noo-Noo the hoover and 4 buttons which activate the sound and light effects. Both Noo-Noo and the toaster activate separate sound effects to the ones’s you get from the buttons.

One Teletubby is included in the set (Po), and is shape-moulded for the merry-go-round. If there is only one thing that lets this set down, it is the figures themselves as they have no articulation – that being said, when you consider the age range, do 18m+ year-old’s really care about articulation? Probably not, and they’re definitely built to last.

Another cool feature with the set is that you can easily combine it with the other sets in the range, thanks to the green clips that extend from the front of the Superdome. It’s a really good way to expand the Teletubbies world and make several sets act as one big universe.


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