LEGO Nexo Knights: ‘The Fortrex’ Set [70317]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £79.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 1140
Build Time: 3 Hours approx.

productinfoWhen Knighton is under attack by Jestro, LEGO® NEXO KNIGHTS™ knights roll into action! Send out The Fortrex, the huge 2-in-1 rolling castle! Launch the Knight Cycle and Aero-Striker V1 to engage the Ash Attacker and Scurriers! Fold out the walls to reveal the hi-tech HQ and get your brief from Merlok 2.0, and plan your next daring mission at the round table to stop Jestro taking the Book of Evil!

When we recently attended the 2016 Toy Fair event in London, LEGO‘s Nexo Knights was the new line we were really looking forward to getting our hands on – in fact ‘The Fortrex‘ set was our #1 top toy from the event, and it’s not hard to see why.

If you’re a fan of LEGO‘s Castle, Bionicle or Ninjago lines, then you’ll love Nexo Knights, which feels like a mash-up of all three, in a cool, refreshingly vibrant new range. It’s a medieval, yet futuristic world where a band of brave young knights have to battle the evil Jestro and his lava monsters.

The Fortrex is the largest of the current wave of sets, acting as a base for the good guys, whilst also doubling up as a weapons-loaded vehicle. Yes you read right – its a mobile battle castle! This particular set also incorporates some elements that LEGO fans will find familiar from the LEGO Technic range, including caterpillar tracks for the castle to move on.

So let’s get stuck into the set itself; normally with LEGO sets you have the choice of either a vehicle or a playset, and as previously mentioned, The Fortrex is a rather wonderful combination of the two. You can spend time prepping your knights; get some target practise in, locate enemies on the radar, prepare the prison cell for its next occupant or even prepare a hearty meal in the kitchen. There are so many features and points of interest that you’ll spend ages discovering and playing with it all – and that’s before you even go into battle!

So let’s say you’ve picked up an enemy on the radar; The Fortrex neatly slides together and the drawbridge glides up by pulling back Aaron’s Aero-Striker V1, and locks into place. You can then drive The Fortrex to the battle itself and launch all manner of weapons, from flying discs to aerial missiles. You also have the mini-figures themselves, who come with an array of accessories, including weapons, shields and a frying pan (to name just a few). There are 7 mini-figures in total; (Aaron, Clay, Axl, Chef Eclair, Ash Attacker & 2 Scurriers).

There are 3 separate vehicles that you get with the set; Aaron’s (previously mentioned) Aero-Striker V1, The Knight Cycle and Ash Attacker’s Firesquito – all of which add extra dimension and playability to the set, making it feel altogether larger.

The neon colour accents and unique sticker graphics really make Nexo Knights feel like something new and exciting from LEGO; a new direction with a lot of possibilities. Play can be taken from the real world to the digital world, too, thanks to the Merlock 2.0 app, which allows you to scan your real world Nexo Knights shields to unlock awesome, in-game content.

Value for money really doesn’t get any better than this! For the £79.99 asking price you get a tremendous amount, and it ends up feeling like a set that should priced nearer to the £100 mark. To say we were impressed with The Fortrex would be a gross understatement, and we truly applaud all the teams involved at LEGO who have had a hand in the creation of this set.



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