REVIEW – Super Mario Plush By Simba Toys

Earlier this year, we got to see the Super Mario Bros. Movie; something my son Jacob and I were incredibly excited for. Any regular readers will know that my own love affair with the franchise goes way back, so getting to see it with my own son was a really special moment.

Growing up, I always loved getting a memento from seeing a particular movie; be it a toy, a commemorative cup from McDonalds or a Sticker Album – it made the experience just that bit more special to have something physical to remind you of the event. After the Super Mario Bros. Movie, I recall Jacob asking about plushies, and despite visiting several toy stores, we couldn’t actually find any Mario themes plushies.

Just when we had lost all hope, Simba Toys came to the rescue with their high quality line of SMB themed plushies. There are (currently) three to choose from; Mario, Luigi & Yoshi.

Each is made with a high quality finish; a soft plush exterior with a slightly firmer, robust filling. The colours used are bright and match their on-screen likeness. Mario and Luigi actually have a slight variation in the blue hue of their overalls – this is a really nice touch that makes each one stand out. Yoshi is definitely the biggest of the three plushies, which each measure at 30cm tall.

You can get each of the plushies from The Entertainer for just £16 each!

Check out the full ToysWorld video review, below:

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