REVIEW – LEGO Ideas: Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage [21341]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £199.99 / $229.99
Release Date: 1st July 2023
No. of pieces: 2316
Build Time: 4 Hours approx.


A spellbinding tribute to a Halloween classic

Revisit Salem and the world of the Sanderson sisters with LEGO Ideas Disney Hocus Pocus: The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage.

This fan-inspired set is boiling over with nostalgic details from the 1993 Disney film, Hocus Pocus..

Townsfolk of Salem! A new property has just gone on the market, and now you can own a true piece of cinematic nostalgia with The Sanderson Sisters’ Cottage!

Who doesn’t love a LEGO modular, right? But modulars from Film & TV shows are few and far between, so the arrival of one from, arguably one of the best cult Halloween movies of all time, was hugely welcomed!

Right off the bat, one of the things we instantly loved is the fact that the building lacks symmetry, giving it a quirky, unhinged feel. From the mill on the side of the house, the detachable side room and broken roof and the wonky exterior wood panels, it absolutely gives off that ‘creepy house in the woods’ vibe.

We’ll focus more on the cottage shortly, but first we wanted to turn our attention to the graveyard section. Obviously the graveyard has an important role in the movie, and is home to everyone’s favourite ‘good’ zombie; Billy Butcherson. Possibly our only gripe with this set is we don’t actually get a Billy Butcherson minifigure, but he is represented in the form of the trio of gravestones. Fun fact: the other two are for the ill-fated Emily Binx and a tongue-in-cheek nod to the set designer, Amber Veyt.

The graveyard is comprised of 3 sections that snap together; the tree, the gate, and the gravestones. You can also change the angle from straight to curved thanks to the hinged joints. This is also where the (included) Thackery Binx cat minifigure likes to hang out.

Back to the cottage, and looking from the front, there are some lovely details, from the cobblestones, to the leaded windows and wooden boarding. The tudor-esque feel really captures the period!

Turning clockwise and the main feature on this side of the building is the water wheel, that also operates the pink smoke coming out of the chimney. It’s a great touch that adds another level of utility to the set. There’s an ornate bay window that protrudes out from the cottage, adding another level, and tying in to the asymmetrical style.

Turning again, and we have the back of the house, and whilst it may not look much with the rocks and foliage, it actually opens up through the large double doors. This is where you get to view inside the cottage for the first time – complete with the button that operates the light for the base of the cauldron. It’s easily one of the most detailed interiors of any singular modular building we’ve seen in the LEGO range. Everything from bookcases, staircases, potions, chandeliers and a desk.

There’s a section to the right that doubles up as the museum portion of the cottage, with a special cordoned-off area housing the book, behind a transparent glass (plastic) case.

Turning one final time and there’s a detachable side room that features the scene where poor Emily Binx gets her life drained from her body. Again, it’s super detailed with a fireplace, an hourglass, and ornate artwork (in the form of a sticker) on the back of the chair. This is also the side of the house that really shows off the roof detail, with its missing slates, greenery, and loose slats. Lifting the roof up and over, exposes the top-down view of the cottage interior, complete with skeletons hanging in cages, a massive spider web, a bedroom and bats.

Priced at £199.99 / $229.99, this set falls in line with the new pricing structure for modular buildings. Usually when well-known brands / licenses meet LEGO there can be a slight markup in price, but that doesn’t seem to have occurred here. In fact, we’d go as far as to say it’s excellent value for money, considering the sheer amount of detail and playability.

From the lovingly recreated tudor style exterior, to the many nods to the movie, this is a loyal collectors piece that you’ll want to bring out for the entire spooky season!




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