REVIEW – SpyBots: Room Guardian

Following on from our review of Character ToysSpyBotsT.R.I.P: LED Tripwire Alarm Robot‘, we also managed to get our hands on their ‘Room Guardian‘!

Measuring slightly higher at 7″, the Room Guardian is a programmable alarm system that deters intruders who fail to enter the correct 4-digit passcode. A handy hole on the reverse side of the guardian allows you to simply hook it on the back of a door, and it even comes with an adhesive hook, so no nails are required!

To set up your secret code, you simply select a passcode by pressing the 4 red buttons on the front in any order you wish. This then sets your code, and only you (or friends and family you divulge the correct sequence to) will be able to safely enter the room without it triggering the Guardian’s alarm.

So what’s the alarm like? Well, firstly there’s a motion sensor when someone passes by. Once triggered, the 4 arms pop out and a warning message of ‘Enter Access Code’ will be heard, by which point the correct code must be entered. If the potential assailant fails to enter the code correctly, a loud ‘INTRUDER’ voice, accompanied by sirens, can be heard. GENIUS!

The guardian will then go back to its ‘watching’ mode. To reset the code, you simply turn it off and on again.

It was really easy to set up, and I was so pleased that I didn’t have to crack out the hammer and nails. My 9-year-old son, Jacob, instantly took great pleasure in masking me from seeing the code he chose, and took even greater pleasure when I failed to enter it correctly. It was then made even more fun when his sister (whom he shares his room with), also had to gain access…TO HER OWN ROOM! 🙂

Like with the T.R.I.P robot, this brings back so many great memories as a kid; having a secret den or a fort that only a select few are allowed to enter. Room Guardian, adds that extra level of fun as an interactive barrier.

Set it up together with T.R.I.P, and kids will have their own little Fort Knox!

+ Room Guardian is OUT NOW!
+ BUY from Smyths Toys Superstores for £24.99!

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