REVIEW: Laser X Revolution

Us Dad’s of a *coughs* certain age will fondly cast our minds back to our youth, and the futuristic fun that was ‘Quasar’. For those who may be in the dark (see what we did there), Quasar was a laser tag game that involved you and a group of friends (or in my case, my mum), running amok in an underground, neon-lit, darkened room, shooting frantically at your opponents chest-plate, in the hope of scoring much-needed points.

Scroll forward a few years, and as an adult, and a being a father myself, it was an experience I was keen to share with my own children, but for many of us, finding laser tag venues seems to be proving increasingly more difficult.

Enter Laser X: Revolution – a home laser tag system that you can play both day and night. It’s super easy to set up; open the box, whack in a few batteries and you’re ready for laser war! The main set comes with 2 blasters and 2 receiver vests, so you have everything you need to get started. You can also purchase additional blasters to build up your teams.

Laser X has dominated the home laser tag market for a few years now, and this latest iteration now gives the player the ability to select a colour from a whole spectrum. Just move the colour wheel to the desired hue, and the gun’s see-through body will match it. Then, just pull back the reloader and the game begins!

You are allowed a total of 8 hits before you lose, and the game hit indicator, slowly degrades from a vibrant green through to red as you get closer to elimination. You have a total of 10 laser hits before you need to pull back the quick slide reloader, to restock the lasers. There’s also a neat vocal coach that offers tips and tricks for newer players.

The range on the system is just over 90 metres (up from 60 metres in previous models), which is perfect for night games in the garden.

My 9-year-old son, Jacob is particularly obsessed with Laser X at the moment; whether he’s pretending to be the Mandalorian or a Stormtrooper, his goal to score as many points against me remains the same.

It’s good, wholesome fun, and probably even moreso for me due to the nostalgia. I know were still a few months out, but this really will be a great gift for Christmas!

+ Laser X Revolution is OUT NOW!
+ BUY from Smyths Toys Superstores for £39.99!



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