NFT Showcase: PixelSaurus []

Due to the volume of requests we get from our visitors and followers, we’ve decided to showcase some of the best (ToysWorld relevant) NFT art collections and collectibles.

To kick things off, there’s a brand new collection currently available on called ‘PixelSaurus‘ by FourthDimension. The collection currently consists of 10 diverse designs, with more to be added.

Each unique PixelSaur has its own backstory as well as a body, head, markings and background colour scheme, as well as their own pronouns.

Below is the official project description:

Many millennia ago, PixelSaurs roamed our planet. They made their homes in the great plains, mountains, lakes, rivers, swamps and caves across planet Earth. That was until the great Sky Boulder threatened their very existence…

With little time to lose, the PixelSaurs made their way to the southern pole of Antarctica – a time before the great freeze. Legend tells of a secret entrance to a safe haven known as the Inner Earth; it is here that the PixelSaurs have remained, hidden from the outside world. Until now…

A wholesome, family friendly project that you should jump on board with asap!

+ Click Here to Buy the PixelSaurus collection on!




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