NERF Super Soaker: ‘FreezeFire’

Manufacturer: Hasbro
RRP: £9.99
Release Date: Summer 2015

Save your friends from summer meltdown with the Supersoaker Freezefire Water Blaster. The tank holds up to 23 fluid ounces of water and has a large opening for inserting ice cubes for a refreshing blast of ice-cold water. Pump the handle to fire up to 38 feet.

When it comes to having fun in the garden in the Summer, high up in any parents arsenal will be water guns. There really is only one brand that springs to mind, and that is NERF’s Super Soaker. With the release of their new ‘FreezeFire’ gun, we got our hands on the product – quite literally – and got some opinions from the kids themselves.

The stand out feature with FreezeFire, unlike other water guns, is that you can actually fill it with ice cubes (in addition to water) to add that extra level of shock when you get your victim / opponent / parent (delete as appropriate). As someone who speaks on the receiving end, I can vouch for the coldness, which can only be described as a freezing beam of shock that chills you to the core – there’s also the added bonus after-effect of freezing sodden clothing to contend with 🙂

Obviously, the kids themselves gained a lot of entertainment out of the shock factor!

Opening the hatch to fill up the gun is a little tricky as you have to swivel it to the left to enable it to open. On the plus side, you can then lock it into position to stop it opening during play.

The gun itself is fairly easy to operate, with a simple push/pull mechanism to load up and expel the jet of icy water, there is also next to no leakage. FreezeFire has a shooting distance of over 11 metres and can hold up to 680 ml of water. Ice isn’t a requirement, but it does help give you the edge on your intended target.

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“I loved how the ice melts and how you can freeze your brother or parents. When my brother squirted me with the gun, it completely soaked me, but it was great to cool off on a hot day (even though it was freezing!)”

tw-images-nerf-freezefire-1 tw-images-nerf-freezefire-2

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