NERF Super Soaker: ‘Double Drench’

Manufacturer: Hasbro
RRP: £14.99
Release Date: Summer 2015

Drench your target with a pump-action water attack from up to 30 feet away with the Double Drench blaster! This double-barreled blaster fires 6 streams of water every time you pull the trigger. Just fill the 27-ounce tank, then fire for a big-time soaking. No opponent has a chance of staying dry while you’re armed with the Double Drench blaster!

Following on from our recent review of the NERF FreezeFire water gun, we also managed to get our hands on the Double Drench gun.

While the stand out feature with FreezeFire was the ability to add ice cubes to the water port, with Double Drench – and as the name suggests – you get a double-barrelled jet – each with 3 holes for the water to shoot from.

The gun has a pump-action mechanism, and with the ability to hold 798 ml of water, you’ll get a good few rounds over your opponent. The reach is slightly shorter than the FreezeFire, as it only gets around 8.5m, but this is still, on average, farther than the marketplace competition.

Filling the gun is easy (once you get over the swivel mechanism) and a simple slide to the right locks the port in place so you don’t lose any precious water ammo.

Overall, a great gun with a fun feature variation on the norm – the weight of the fully loaded gun may be a little heavy for younger kids, though.

What the kids thought:
(Amelia, Age 5)

“I love how the gun soaks you completely – having two holes means you can get your mum, dad or brother even wetter than any of the other water guns. I found it a little tricky to hold at first, but got used to it and had a lot of fun!”


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