Move Over Christmas, This Year Is All About Pranksmas With Elves Behavin’ Badly!

Celebrating their fifth year, the naughty Elves Behavin’ Badly dolls are back creating more mischief than ever, with a brand new ‘Pranksmas’ campaign.

Forget making Santa’s Nice List, this year it’s about bringing naughtiness to the table. Whether it’s turning up the heat and adding chili to unsuspecting celebs’ food or bringing a little snow to the great indoors.

This year, a larger-than-life elf, hot off the streets of Chelsea is joining the mayhem, and bringing some extra expertise to the pranking mischief. Ready to up the ante as Chief Prankster, they are keen to show their 1.6 million followers on social – as well as Elfie and Elvie – just how it’s done.

The latest celebrity partnership will create more mayhem than ever, with pranks escalating in the run-up to the big festive day. Joining our lead prankster will be a number of familiar faces, each adding mischief to their own festive celebrations – all will be revealed ahead of advent!

The celebrity pranksters will be putting the elves through their paces, inspiring people with some of the best pranks through their social posts, and getting families, co-workers and friends up and down the country into the festive Pranksmas spirit.

Paul Beverley, a director of the worldwide distributors for the Elves Behavin’ Badly dolls thinks this year’s campaign will bring a whole new level of carnage to homes saying:

“This year, Elves Behavin’ Badly are bringing pranking to a whole new level and encouraging people to get creative through the help of our naughty elves. Following restrictions around the festivities last year and limited household mixing, this year we are excited to go all-out, and our celebrity partnerships are going to bring some fantastic fun to the countdown to Christmas.”

With the campaign set to launch mid-November, keep an eye on the official @elvesbehavinbadly Instagram channel for a first look of who will be leading the charge of the Elves Behavin’ Badly pranks this year, and kicking off the chaos!

Sold in major retailers across the country, the mischievous elves are a must-have for mayhem in homes up and down the country and have fast become a Christmas tradition. Elfie and Elvie – the duo at the centre of the mayhem – arrive in homes from 1st December and cause all kinds of chaos before disappearing on Christmas Eve.

More information on the lovable mischief-makers can be found here.

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