LEGO Star Wars: ‘Resistance Troop Transporter’ [75140]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £59.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 646
Build Time: 1 Hour 20 Minutes approx.

productinfoBattle the forces of the First Order with the Resistance Troop Transporter!

Lower the ramp and climb aboard the Resistance Troop Transporter. Jump into the cockpit and get ready for takeoff. And if the First Order tries to attack, arm the shooters and get ready to fire!

It seems like you cannot move for Star Wars: The Force Awakens merchandise – with LEGO‘s own range they have kept it reasonably small (for now), and whilst there is no doubt the market, and, perhaps more importantly, the demand, LEGO have instead focused on quality rather than quantity.

The Resistance Troop Transporter is a loyal representation of the movie version of the ship, in a scene that is a stand-out amongst fans. This is the moment that Princess Leia (now General Leia) meets Han Solo after some considerable time away from each other – in fact, it’s a moment where the majority of the original trilogy’s principal characters are reunited; Han, Leia, Chewbacca & C-3P0.

The ship itself is a rather unusual shape, but makes for an interesting layout – especially the interior. Both winged ends swing out along with the front hatch, to reveal the interior, which is deceptively spacious. There are seating areas for the mini-figures to sit in front of consoles, standing areas, and even a few nods and crannies for storage (which Han Solo would very much approve of).

It’s packed with some great little features, which go above an beyond the norm of ship sets with this price point. There’s the swing out wing and hatch feature, a clever rotating wheel that raises and lowers the right-side cockpit – even going inside the cockpit there are nice little touches with printed computer pieces and even a little recess to give the pilot some more headroom! The missiles, and in particular their housing are well thought out; they are almost hidden at the front-left of the ship, and even the rear of the missiles at the back of the ship, only poke out a little bit – a nice little design decision!

The build was incredibly enjoyable, and fans of LEGO Technic will recognise some familiar pieces during the construction of this set. In fact, what is perhaps most impressive is the sheer level of detail and effort which LEGO have put into the ship. There are a lot of different brick shapes, colours and types used in both the exterior and interior, and once the build is complete, it is surprisingly robust. The reverse of the ship looks fantastic – especially with the engine housing and engine fins. Again, there’s a depth to the detail here that go beyond the norm and really make it feel quite special.

As for mini-figures, you get Princess (General) Leia, Admiral Ackbar, and two Resistance Troopers. It was particularly nice to have this version of Admiral Ackbar, who is another well-loved fan favourite.

The RRP is £59.99, which feels quite generous considering the level of detail and overall features you get here. If you’re a fan of stickers – there’s a lot to do here to keep you happy. If you’re not a fan of stickers – there’s a lot to do here that may niggle you 🙂 – that being said, once applied, it looks stunning and really finishes off the whole visual. Really impressed with this set!



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