LEGO Ninjago: ‘Misfortune’s Keep’ [70605]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £69.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 754
Build Time: 2 Hours approx.

productinfoLaunch a surprise attack on the sky pirates’ awesome HQ!

The evil Djinn Nadakhan and the crew of Misfortune’s Keep are threatening to destroy Ninjago. Soar sky-high with Lloyd’s booster jet and operate the winch to lower Jay into battle. Beware of Misfortune’s Keep’s hidden cannons, disc shooters and the pirate jet taking off from the launchpad. Can you help the Ninja to defeat Nadakhan and free trapped Wu from the golden Djinn Blade?

We love Ninjago! LEGO offer such a broad range within this theme, and it’s no wonder it continues to go from strength to strength. Last year we had the privilege of reviewing the Temple Of Airjitsu set, and from having our feet firmly on the ground, Misfortune’s Keep takes us very much up into the air – on many levels!

In this set you get the sky pirate’s Airship HQ, which doubles up as an aircraft carrier / launcher – you also get Lloyd’s booster jet and a small pirate jet. In addition to a detachable boat, this totals 4 vehicles in one set!

Misfortune’s Keep is stacked with features, too; the engines of the main airship have rotating sword blades and extremely high detailing throughout – a fact that actually follows through the entire set in fact. There’s a red lever on the upper deck that allows you to change the angle of the engines, dependant on whether you want to take off horizontally or vertically. The main cockpit features a roll cage which raises and lowers, and just behind there are computer screens int he form of stickers and printed pieces.

The boat, which we previously mentioned, is also stored up on the top deck as is some storage chests for weapons or ammo. Speaking of ammo – anyone getting in the way of this ship had better watch out! For starters, there are two disc launchers near the top of the ship which are operated by a cool LEGO Technic piece that you can angle, side-to-side, dependant on which one you want to launch. On the lower deck there are two side flaps which flip down to reveal canon’s – packing a powerful punch to assailants. The lower deck is also home to a large launching / landing ramp, and also allows you to store the smaller pirate jet. The jet is small, cute, but has a nasty bite in the form of two stud shooters either side at the front. The wings also fold out and there’s a neat little propeller which spins when you push or blow on it.

If all that wasn’t enough you also get Lloyd’s booster jet, which feels like it has been taking some notes from the LEGO Nexo Knights range. The 4-blade housing at the front of the jet both fold in and out, there’s a rotating spinner crown at the back, which is connected to our favourite feature; the winch! There’s a grappling hook that is raised and lowered by the beige technic wheel at the rear of the ship – we actually used it to steal the storage box on the detachable boat 🙂

Design-wise, it definitely feels like the ship is an amalgamation of various other sets and parts; which ties into the pirate theme quite nicely. The sides of the airship are reminiscent of the LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler, whereas the lower-rear section reminds us of the base of the LEGO Star Wars Rancor Pit. Coupled with the Technic and Nexo Knights nods, its nice to feel like all these sets are part of bigger universe (whether that’s intentional or not).

As for mini-figures, you get 6 in total; Nadakhan, Flintlocke, Bucko, Jay, Kai & Lloyd – you also get the mischievous Monkey Wrench (who we LOVE!).

The build was incredibly enjoyable, and perhaps a little harder than previous Ninjago sets (bar the Airjitsu Temple), but we like a challenge and it’s good to be pushed a little harder to end up with a visually stunning, durable and entertaining set. £69.99 is well worth it and you get a lot of bang for your buck – literally!



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