LEGO Star Wars: ‘Carbon-Freezing Chamber’ [75137]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £19.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 231
Build Time: 40 Minutes approx.

productinfoHelp hero Han Solo avoid being frozen at the Carbon-Freezing Chamber, with control center, freeze bed with freeze function, staircase, elevator and 3 iconic minifigures.

Han Solo has been taken to the Carbon-Freezing Chamber and is about to be frozen in a block of solid carbonite!

Can he defeat Boba Fett and escape or will he be frozen for all eternity by the Ugnaught? Only you can decide.

Having been captured and tortured by Darth Vader, Han Solo is taken to the carbon-freezing chamber to be frozen in carbonite and handed over to Boba Fett, who, in turn, will deliver Solo to Jabba The Hutt. It’s a stand out moment from, arguably, the most popular movie in the Star Wars saga; ‘The Empire Strikes Back‘, and LEGO have loyally recreated the scene in brick form.

There are four main areas to the build; The control center, where the Ugnaught mini-figure makes the final adjustments via his computer. This section also features a hinged motion that swings out to reveal the “freeze” bed. We *think* it’s the bed that we see Han Solo resting on after his torture (actually set in a different room), however, its title as a “freeze bed” is a bit confusing…

The second section features the grand staircase which leads you to the viewing platform where Solo descends and emerges from his carbon freezing.

The third section is for the main feature to raise and lower Han Solo’s carbon block. The block itself features two sides – one side for the Han Solo mini-figure, and the other side which can be rotated to reveal the post-freezing carbon block. It’s a clever mechanism, which, thanks to the aid of a lever which you can push, pull and rotate, allows you to give the impression of lowering Solo into the chamber, then raising him having successfully frozen the scruffy looking nerfherder.

The fourth and final section features a lift mechanism, where you can lower and raise the Boba Fett or Ugnaught mini-figures to gain access to the main viewing platform.

Build time was around 40 minutes with the raising plinth section taking the longest to assemble – it was also the most satisfying to put together and when combined with the other sections you cant help but admire the overall aesthetic. The only thing missing is some dry ice (sold separately) 🙂

For a scaled-down version of this popular scene, and retailing at just £19.99, it’s enormously good value for money, but has you greedy for more. It’s crying out for a larger version, complete with Darth Vader and Princess Leia to fully realise the infamous Leia / Han “I love you” / “I know” scene!



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