LEGO City: ‘Fire Station’ [60110]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £79.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 919
Build Time: 3 Hours approx.

productinfoJump into action and save the hot dog stand… and lunch!

Help the firefighters get the truck and helicopter loaded with gear! It’s lunchtime, so take a slide down the pole in the firehouse and head to the hot dog stand. On your way, give the firehouse dog his bone.

Oh no, the hot dog stand is on fire! Pull out the fire hose and use the special stud-shooter to douse the flames and save the hot wings!

The LEGO Movie helped drive a whole new level of interest in the LEGO City range, with many kids (and adults) wanting to create their own LEGO Towns, Cities and Empires. There are, however, some vital services you need to watch over the residents of your LEGO worlds, and the Fire service is up there with the most important! Cue the all-new LEGO Fire Station set!

Sure there have been previous releases of a LEGO fire station related set over the years, and they were all fantastic in their own way, but the latest iteration is undeniably and unquestionably the finest to date. With 3 different sections to the main building, 3 different vehicles and 6 (yes 6) mini-figures – including a long-awaited female firefighter (and a Dog), there are so many points of interest and levels of play that you feel a little spoiled!

Covering the vehicles first, we have the Fire Chief’s Car, a Fire Engine and a Helicopter. All three slot into the main build with the Car housed in Building 1, the Fire Engine in Building 2 and the Helicopter on top of the helipad of Building 2. The Fire Engine was particularly enjoyable to build, and there are tonnes of features. There’s a working ladder which raises and extends – complete with bucket platform for the Firefighter to work from, and there’s also a rather cool firehose accessory which rolls out and rolls back into the Fire Engine.

As for the Fire Station itself, there’s a central section which features a 3-tiered play space, including a waiting area – complete with revolving entrance doors, a control room / office, and a bedroom with bunk-beds. There’s also a roof area with communication dishes and the all-important firefighter pole – which is amazing! There’s a handlebar that your mini-figure attaches to and with one simple push motion, the figure spirals all the way down to the bottom of the pole.

To the left of the central section is Building 1 which houses the Fire Chief’s Car, and has the main satellite dish on the roof area. Worthy of note are the fantastic rolling shutter doors on the front of both Building 1 and Building 2. The reflective blue glass effect, coupled with the rolling motion really add some authenticity to the build and aesthetically it looks awesome.

To the right of the central section is Building 2 which houses the main Fire Engine, as well as the Helicopter – complete with helipad, on the roof. Building 2 offers a larger rolling shutter door, and the Fire Engine slots neatly in and out of the housing.

Last, but by no means least, is the Hot Dog stand…yes, you heard right! This little build is actually one of the main focuses of the set, as the Hot Dog stand gives the firefighters their first job of the day when it catches fire! You can plan your rescue by air, or by car / truck – or all 3 depending on how much you value your carbon footprint! 🙂 You can then reward yourself with some sausages or a chicken leg from the Hot Dog stand for your efforts.

Needless to say, the £79.99 RRP is incredibly good value for money – especially considering just how much you get from the set – both physically and from an enjoyment factor. It’s hard to see how any future fire station related set can improve on this, and it will no doubt serve as one of the main focuses of your own LEGO City!




** If you’re near Manchester’s Trafford Centre on 2nd April 2016 or Birmingham’s Bullring on 9th April 2016, check out LEGO‘s ‘Big Build Fire Engine Tour‘. More details at:

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One thought on “LEGO City: ‘Fire Station’ [60110]

  1. Ok…you convinced me! Now going to part with 79 quid! 🙂
    I actually got the last fire station but as you guys pointed out, this one is far superior.

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