LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: ‘Rhino And Sandman Super Villain Team-Up’ Set [76037]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £44.99
Release Date: August 2015
No. of pieces: 386
Build Time: 1 Hour approx.

Sandman and Rhino have joined forces to steal diamonds and now they are hiding out with the loot at the construction site. Rush to recover the stolen jewels with Iron Spider and Spider-Man. But, oh no! The super villains have set an ambush, attacking with the marauding Rhino Mech’s stud shooters and trapping Iron Spider in one of Sandman’s shape-shifting sand hands. Super-jump to the rescue with Spider-Man, activating the spider’s web and the crane’s demolition ball to trap and topple the RhinoMech. Then release Iron Spider from the sand hand and knock over the sign with another perfectly aimed jump to reveal the hidden diamonds! Includes 4 minifigures with a weapon element and assorted accessory elements: Spider-Man, Iron Spider, Sandman and Rhino.

Who isn’t a fan of Super Heroes?! It’s so good to see that our favourite web-slinging hero has received the LEGO treatment, and with the focus being on the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ series, we got our hands on the new LEGO Marvel Super Heroes ‘Rhino And Sandman Super Villian Team Up’ set.

There’s plenty going on here, and lots of nice little features to interact with on the construction site; from destructible plinths and platforms, to mechanical cranes (with working wrecking ball), spider webs, grabbing hands and more!

Focusing on the characters; Sandman has his own mini-figure here, but he is also represented throughout the construction site set itself, with sand hands on oppositional ends, and a plinth for him to stand on, giving the effect that he has just risen up from the floor. He also comes with his Sand Hammer accessory.

Rhino Mech is fully articulated and has an opening cockpit and 2 stud shooters in each hand. It also comes with a standalone Rhino mini-figure (a.k.a Aleksei Sytsevich), which can sit inside the Mech, with an opening and closing housing mechanism.

For the heroes we have the titular Spider-Man, who comes with his web slinging accessory and a super-jump platform to allow you to propel him through the air at the various set feature points. A nice little detail is the split colour on the leg section, giving the impression Spider-Man is wearing his red boots.

Finally, we have Iron Spider (a 13-year old super-genius a.k.a Amadeus Cho). There is some lovely detailing on this figure – especially on the back, where there’s a cool two-tone gold effect. He also comes with his claw armour, which snaps onto his back.

The build time was around 1 hour, and fairly straightforward. There are various stickers to apply to the set itself and the Mech. Particularly fun to build was the Rhino Mech, which felt like a LEGO Bionicle build, and the crane which felt like a small-scale LEGO Technic build.

The role-play options here are great; the main aim is to trap and topple Rhino Mech using a combination of Spider-Man’s super-jump platform to trigger the various lever traps, and the crane’s wrecking ball to topple. Old spidey then needs to uncover the hidden diamonds by using the trusty super-jump platform to hit the lever, and then free Iron Spider from The Sandman’s claw grip.

Overall, a highly interactive set that incorporates all the main characters and set features. The £44.99 asking price is well worth it, and any fan of Spider-Man will have excellent value for money with the set.


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  1. Dude, that Iron Spider looks AWESOME! So glad I found this site – you guys post such in-depth reviews, and it’s great to know build times.

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