Kiddimoto ‘Red & White Superbike’

Manufacturer: Kiddimoto
RRP: £99.99
Ages: 2-6 Years

Wooden balance bike designed around real big engine sports motorbikes. Combines sporty good looks with long-lasting build quality..

If you have a 2-6 year old child who is keen to join all the bigger kids who are happily pedalling away on their bikes, then options are pretty limited. That was until Kiddimoto came along with their fantastic range of balance bikes.

A quick browse on the Kiddimoto website will show a truly fantastic range of bikes for boys and girls as well as gender non-specific bikes. With so many to choose from, you can find a model to suit your own child, and there are some great customisation options too.

Here at ToysWorld, we got our hands on the ‘Red And White Superbike’, which retails at £99.99.

From the minute you open the box to assemble the bike, it is clear everything about it smacks of quality. It’s finished to an incredibly high level, and the detailing is beautiful, with some nice accents that reflect a real life dirt bike.

Speaking of assembly, it was incredibly simple and you’ll be up an running in less than 10 minutes, with the handlebars and the wheels being the only components that need to be fitted.

For the kids, it can take a little getting used to – this is where the balance part comes in! 🙂 – But you can hold on to the seat or your child’s back to give them a bit of reassurance to start off with. Within half an hour of trial and error, most kids should pick up the basics of what they need to do, and will be scurrying along at break-neck speeds before you can say Carl Fogarty!

Worthy of note are the wheels; they are 12-inch pneumatic tyres that have an inner tube (unlike the majority of other balance bikes on the market), so these are the genuine article and will give maximum performance without the constant worry of a puncture every time you take it out.

We cannot recommend this product enough and encourage any of you thinking of taking the plunge, to seriously consider the Kiddimoto range.


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