LEGO Lockdown Of Love: TV Psychologist Recommends LEGO!

The Lockdown of Love: Psychologist Reveals the Top Surprising Activities Couples Can Do To Strengthen Their Bond This Valentine’s Day

From swapping outfits for the day, letting your partner do your make-up and building a LEGO set together, experts have revealed the unique activities for couples to achieve the ultimate week of romance

With lockdown restrictions still in place, Valentine’s Day is set to look a little different this year, with couples more likely to be facing an evening of tracksuits and TV, than lavish romantic dates. However, the nation is now set for a romance revival, as leading TV psychologist Honey Langcaster-James has teamed up with The LEGO Group to reveal seven surprising activities which couples can do to strengthen their relationships.

Whilst couples may have been spending more time together than ever before, for many it’s been a case of quantity over quality! Which is why the surprising tips have been designed using psychological principles to inspire couples with new and exciting ways to refresh and build on their relationships, making this Valentine’s day extra special. But forget teddy-bears and supermarket flowers, the TV Psychologist’s surprising suggestions range from activities involving just 2 minutes of eye gazing in order to increase attraction, to dressing in your partner’s clothes for the day to gain a new perspective on each other’s daily life and even building a LEGO set together to keep things playful and improve cooperation.

Committed couples can even challenge themselves to try a different activity each day of the week, to ensure they enjoy the ultimate week of love in lockdown.

Commenting on the suggested activities, Psychologist Honey Langcaster-James said:

“I think it’s fair to say that Valentine’s Day is going to look a little different this year! Despite couples spending a lot of time together in recent months, that time has been marred by all the stress and demands of juggling home, family and work. So there has actually been little opportunity for couples to spend quality time or to bond and enjoy doing something special together. That’s why I have come up with these tips, to share some much needed inspiration for Valentine’s Day and give couples some ideas for fun activities to try. Whether it’s racing each other round your local park, cooking something completely different, or doing something even more creative together, such as building a LEGO set that speaks to your interests, there’s something for everyone to try this year to keep the romance alive.”

Seven Unique Activities For Couples This Valentine’s Day

Couples Who Build Together – Stay Together!
Get in touch with your playful, creative side & spend some quality time with your partner. If you choose an activity that requires focus and cooperation, like building a LEGO set together!

Master the Art of Eye-Gazing
Try doing something together that makes you focus on looking lovingly into your partner’s eyes – like sitting opposite each other and drawing a portrait, or perhaps doing your partner’s hair or makeup.

Spend a Day in Each Other’s Shoes – Literally!
Empathy has been shown to foster altruism and cooperation, so why not have a little bit of fun by swapping roles with each other for the day.

Take a Culinary Trip Down Memory Lane
A romantic dinner is a classic way to spend Valentine’s, but after months staying at home, you may be itching for some novelty. So why not take your taste buds on a little trip down memory lane. Think of past holidays you’ve shared together, or special locations, and then create a menu that helps transport you back there.

Create a Couple’s Cocktail
Just like a great relationship, it takes a bit of chemistry to create a great cocktail. Why not express your affection to your partner by representing your relationship and mixing a unique cocktail which you can name after the two of you? You could choose a few funky ingredients to represent your individual personalities and best attributes.

Let’s Get Physical
Exercise produces endorphins and improves your mood, so doing something physical together can increase positive feelings in general. If you try something new together, such as rollerblading in the local park, you’ll need to rely on supporting one another and engage in team work.

Let Music Be the Food of Love
Listening to music together can be even more romantic if you pick tracks that are meaningful to past moments you’ve shared. Try curating a Valentine’s playlist together by picking songs that represent a special time in your relationship.

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