LEGO Elves: ‘Emily Jones & The Baby Wind Dragon’ [41171]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £8.99
Release Date: March 2016
No. of pieces: 80
Build Time: 20 Minutes approx.

productinfoHelp Emily Jones teach Fledge to fly!

Join Emily Jones as she searches for dragon cherries in Elvendale. Look up in the tree; a beautiful, sparkling dragon egg has hatched! Help her get the baby wind dragon out of the egg with some chocolate. Use the wobbling stepping stone to teach Fledge how to fly back up to the moss nest!

We kick off the March 2016 LEGO Elves releases with our review of the ‘Emily Jones & The Baby Wind Dragon‘ set.

Firstly, it’s important to note just how eye-catching this set is; the colour palette seems to go right through the spectrum, and the bright greens and blues tie into the fantasy theme, perfectly. Likewise, the dragon egg has a multi-faceted exterior, and when the light catches all the edges it gives off the impression it is sparkling.

Feature-wise, the dragon egg opens up to reveal the baby wind dragon, which you can encourage down from the mossy platform via the waterfall stepping stone – which wobbles forwards to force the dragon to try and fly. Once Emily (the included minifigure) has gained the wind dragon’s trust – thanks to the bar of chocolate she comes supplied with – they both can climb the build to find the dragon cherries which she can then place in her basket.

There’s also a cool little cave feature on the right hand side of the build, where Emily and the dragon can shelter if it rains, or if there are any passing strangers.

Looking a little closer at the set, there’s some great detail on the stepping stones, with a mossy print effect. There’s also a cool little lantern at the entrance of the mini cave. On the upper level there’s also a gem nestled into the branch of the tree, which may come in handy for Emily when you combine some of the other sets.

Build time was around 20 minutes, and every section was fun to put together. Our daughter Amelia particularly enjoyed putting the cave section and the tree branch area together. The Emily Jones mini figure is seen here, for the first time, wearing red shoes and khaki brown shorts – there’s also a cool effect with her top which from a distance looks like it has a fade effect. The dragon is rather cute – especially with his little golden horns.

Overall we really cannot fault this set; there are plenty of features, and you can easily combine it with other LEGO Elves sets in the range. At just £8.99 and a brick to cost ratio of just £0.11, it is extremely good value for money and the perfect entry level set for the range.




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