REVIEW – LEGO Creator: Downtown Diner [10260]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £129.99
Release Date: January 2018
No. of pieces: 2480
Build Time: 6 Hours approx.

productinfoDrop in at the LEGO® Creator Expert 10260 Downtown Diner, where you’ll discover a healthy portion of fun and surprises.

This impressive model features removable building sections for easy access to the detailed interior, which comprises a ground-level 1950s-style diner with a large curved front window, red bar stools, jukebox, counter and an open-plan kitchen. The mid level has a gym with boxing ring, punching bag and weight training room, while on the upper-level you’ll find a recording studio, complete with vocal booth, mixing desk and a refreshments cabinet.

The facade of the building features pink-and-teal Streamline Moderne styling with a large ‘DINER’ sign. Other external features include arched windows, balconies and a staircase, plus a pink convertible car and a detailed sidewalk, complete with mailbox, parking meter, flowerpots and a streetlamp.

We’re thrilled to kick off 2018 with our review of the very latest LEGO Creator modular build; the Downtown Diner [10260] set. Prepare to be transported back to the 1950’s with this fantastic LEGO take on the all-American diner.

Complete with a sweeping, curved shop window and eye-poppingly vibrant colours, the Downtown Diner adds a welcome new flavour to the modular high street.

The lower level of the build is dedicated to the diner, with a gym on the first floor and a recording studio on the 2nd floor. There’s even room for The Beatles on the rooftop to recreate their famous performance, should you so wish. (Yellow Submarine [21306] set, sold separately) 🙂

Working our way up from the ground floor, the aesthetic of the Diner is magnificent, and loyal to the 1950’s style; with its sweeping, toothpaste stripe fascia, curved glass windows and checkerboard flooring, you instantly feel like you’ve been transported back in time. There is some lovely attention to detail from LEGO here; the jukebox (with its Wurlitzer style), the cooker (complete with knobs and a grill), the seating area (with red, puffed cushion-effect) and the bar (complete with red stools), all add familiar visuals to the build. There’s even a coffee machine, which is probably the cutest coffee machine you will EVER see!

There’s also a parking meter, a post box, flower pots (complete with a new, circular style flower top), a lamppost, a trash can, rear door entry to the diner and a staircase that leads up to the next floor.

The next level is the Gym; featuring a boxing ring, a weight-lifting area and a punching bag. Again, we have some great attention to detail here, and the boxing ring in particular was fun to put together, with its brown bars that hook up to form the square ‘rope’ area. Much how we loved the miniature coffee machine, the drinking fountain is scaled down to perfection!

As with the Diner, there is a rear door entry to the gym, as well as a detailed, wrought iron-effect staircase that leads up to the next floor.

Completing the build, is the Recording Studio, which sits at the top floor. Incredibly well thought-out, the studio features the sound-proof vocal room (complete with microphone), the mixing room (which has a window that looks through to the vocal room), and a lounge area, where your minifigures can sit and reminisce about the glory days! Design accents we particularly love here are the soundproof wall ‘foam’, the reel unit and the simple (but effective) wall-mounted record.

Outside, there is a ladder that takes you up to the roof area, that features a skylight, where you can hear the sounds being made from the recording studio below. There’s also a radio antenna, so you can broadcast your awesome new track to the world!

There are 6 minifigures included in the set; a chef, a waitress, a boxer, a bodybuilder, a rock star and a manager!

Overall, the Downtown Diner is an entirely fun build that deserves taking its time over. So many elements, and build moments that will make you smile, and the finished building is just awesome. With a £129.99 price tag, we feel it is bang on the brick to cost ratio, and as far as value for money goes, it has it in spades! Highly recommended!




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