LEGO City: ‘Garbage Truck’ [60118]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £17.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 248
Build Time: 35 Minutes approx.

productinfoHelp keep LEGO City clean!

Climb in the cab of the garbage truck and get to work! Drive around LEGO® City looking for trash. Pull up to a dumpster and empty it into the truck. Clean up any garbage that falls out, get back in the truck and head to the next container! The hard work is never done!

With all the new additions to LEGO City, the streets require some cleaning, and thankfully the LEGO team have just the set to do the job; enter the all-new Garbage Truck [60118] set! On first glance, this appears more like a recycling truck, and the green arrow ‘recycling’ sticker on the side would heavily point towards this direction – however – when we look at the items in the dumpster, we have bananas and fish (amongst other items), so it doubles up in case you want to cover both bases.

Visually, this is a great looking set; the orange colour of the truck and the green of the dumpster work really nicely together, and the overall shape and feel is loyal and reminiscent of a real life garbage / recycling truck.

There is an awesome action feature with the truck, where you can scoop up the dumpster, twist a lever and lower the rubbish into the back of the orange container. There is a tiny niggle in that the contents don’t always make it into the container, but we guess that’s what the minifigure with the broom is for. 🙂

When you’ve made your way to landfill / the recycling centre, the back door of the truck then hinges upwards, and the orange container can raise up to pour out all the trash.

The build was very enjoyable, and took around 30-35 minutes, with the orange container being the most satisfying to put together. You also get some stickers which require some precise placement (if you’re a perfectionist like us). We’re noticing more and more LEGO Technic elements finding their way into other LEGO themes, which is no bad thing, and they really come into their own for articulated features like the dumpster lift.

You get 2 minifigures included with the set; a garbage truck helper and a garbage truck driver, and they come with shovel and broom accessories.

This is a must-have for any of you wanting to build up your LEGO City world, and at just £17.99 it’s a great value set that you cant refuse to get (see what we did there) – and to ensure our LEGO streets stay clean, we may even buy two!



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