LEGO City: ‘Fire Boat’ [60109]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £59.99
Release Date: January 2016
No. of pieces: 412
Build Time: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes approx.

productinfoSave the lighthouse and rescue the keeper with the Fire Boat!

The lighthouse is on fire! Rush to the rescue in the Fire Boat, aim the water cannon and put out the flames with the special water stud shooter. Send the diver out to make sure the lighthouse keeper is safe. Keep the lighthouse from burning down!

We continue our series of 2016 LEGO City ‘Fire’ reviews with the Fire Boat [60109] set.

With land and air covered by the LEGO City Fire rescue teams, it only leaves the sea requiring some protection – and LEGO have gone big with the Fire Boat set! For the eagle-eyed among you, you may recognise the hull of the ship as it’s the same type used for the 2015 Deep Sea Explorer ship, but this set makes extra use of the space at the back with a 16×16 plate added to house the rescue dinghy.

The boat is well stocked with features and the overall visual is stunning with the red, white and yellow accents popping out. As mentioned, to the rear of the ship you have the rescue dinghy platform which the small boat can snap in and out of easily. The dinghy is pretty simple but does include engine detail at the back, as well as stickers on the sides.

Moving further up the boat, we have the main feature in the form of the extending crane, which includes a static water brick as well as a water stud shooter, which you can use later on with the included lighthouse build. Next is the bridge area, which is our favourite section of the boat as it is comprised of two levels; the upper control deck and the lower medical bay & kitchen. The upper deck has room for you to fit up to 2 minifugures, and features 3 printed control bricks. As for the lower deck, there’s something really snug and inviting about this area; the minimalist kitchen with cooker, mug and a medical box sit at one end, and you have a sick bed at the opposite end. You could reconfigure things down here to suit – perhaps functioning as an officer’s mess?

Back up on deck and there are some other lovely little details as we explore the boat; there are storage areas (for the water studs), levers, megaphones, fire extinguishers and tool racks (for the included wrench & hammer accessories). Either side of the boat on deck level there are also 2 water gun features that rotate – strangely these just feature the water motif brick and don’t actually shoot anything – it would be great to have included the stud shooters used for the similar area on top of the crane.

Moving on from the boat, we have the fantastic lighthouse build, which also comes with the lighthouse keeper’s shed. Again, we have a great visual with this section as you really get the feeling the lighthouse is rising up out of the sea, and nestled into the rocky surroundings – a tiny little touch we particularly appreciated was the rocky accents underneath the walkway that attaches the shed section to the lighthouse, and together with the blue base plate it rounds off the watery theme nicely. The shed is fairly simple, but effective and we loved the green panelling as well as the roof slate stickers and the internal wall picture featuring the lighthouse keeper with his prize catch fish!

Likewise, the lighthouse itself is pretty simple in its design, and there isn’t a lot going on here, which is a shame – a light brick could have really made it stand out and add to the overall enjoyment factor. That being said, there are two unfixed fire elements that you can shoot at using the on-boat stud guns to knock off and ‘extinguish’ the fire.

Included with the set are 5 minifigures; the boat’s captain, 2 male firefighter’s, 1 female firefighter and the lighthouse keeper. Worthy of note are the cool life vests that you slip onto the firefighters – a nice touch!

The build was great fun – particularly the boat and the shed – also the island rock elements, and at around 1 hour and 15 minutes in build time, we were satisfied with the overall build. Our main issue was the price point; up until now the other sets in the LEGO City Fire range have been bang on with the pricing, but you feel like the Fire Boat set is missing something to check the £59.99 asking price. The boat is large in size, but we felt that more attention could have been given to the Lighthouse. Still – a very enjoyable set, and with the waters now covered, this year’s LEGO Fire range feels incredibly well rounded.


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