Days Out: The Coca Cola London Eye [South Bank; London; UK]

Location: Coca Cola London Eye, Riverside Building, Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7PB; UK.
Ticket Prices: From £24.95 (Adults), £18.95 (Children 4-15) Under 4’s go FREE, Private capsules from £380.
Opening Hours: 10:00am-9:30pm (Until 31st August 2016), 10:00am-8:30pm (From 1st September-30th December 2016).

Anyone visiting central London cannot help noticing the unmistakable sight of the London Eye. It has become a tourist attraction just as famous as Leicester Square, The Houses Of Parliament or even Big Ben.

ToysWorld were invited for a family day out to visit the London Eye and see how good it was for ourselves!

Before the Eye, there was a short 4D movie which is included within the ticket price that acts as a prelude to the main attraction. It features the story of a young girl who travels to London with her father and wants to see a higher view of the city. She imagines what it would be like seeing the city from a birds-eye-view. The four-minute movie features both day and night, complete with snow, bubbles, fog, rain and fireworks!

londoneye-4d-1  londoneye-4d-2  londoneye-4d-3

It really whets your appetite and ups the excitement factor to get on the Eye, so if you visit, make sure you remember to watch this movie!

As for the London Eye itself, the wait to get on isn’t too bad; we were waiting no longer than 20 minutes from joining the queue until entering the capsule. Once in, there were around 7 other people who were in with us, but it didn’t feel at all cramped or claustrophobic. There are plenty of areas to stand or sit and admire the views – all of which were breathtaking.

londoneye-capsule-1  londoneye-capsule-2

It’s important to note that there are several times you can visit throughout the day which will give you an entirely different experience of the London Eye; we arrived at 7pm so it was nearingIthe end of the day, and whilst we didn’t quite hit the sunset timeframe, there was a lovely golden hue across London. Night time will also give you a completely different experience, with London coming alive in a carpet of light. Hopefully we can make a return visit and cover this particular timeframe!

londoneye-views-1  londoneye-views-2  londoneye-views-3

One rotation of the London Eye takes around 30 minutes, so you get plenty of time to get some great photos, videos and that all-important selfie 🙂


When you reach the very top of the wheel it’s amazing just how far you can see around you. On a clear day you can see as far away as Windsor Castle.

A little fact we found out on the day was that there are 32 capsules in total – each representative of the 32 London boroughs. For good luck, the number 13 is left out, so they are if fact numbered 1-33!

Our kids, Amelia (6) and Jacob (2), absolutely loved the London Eye. Kids get a real thrill out of being taller than everyday objects, and the Eye certainly gives them the opportunity to do just that. Suddenly Big Ben didn’t seem quite so big, and the world beneath them resembled a LEGO city.

Whether you are on your own, with a friend or loved one, or if you’re bringing your whole family, the London Eye is an attraction you simply cannot and should not miss. It is the only place you can admire London in all its glory and for just shy of £25 per person, it is an incredibly reasonably priced attraction that you’ll want to return to again and again.


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