Blocks Magazine: Issue 103 – Cover & Details

Inside LEGO 2K Drive and a new LEGO theme in Blocks magazine Issue 103

Get behind the wheel in Blocks Issue 103 as the monthly magazine gets to grips with LEGO 2K Drive – once you’ve read this cover feature, you’ll know everything you need to about the LEGO video game that’s shaking up the formula for a really fresh take.

Issue 103 is available worldwide as a single issue or as part of a subscription at and will be in UK stores from May 4. Everyone who subscribes by May 31 will be in with a chance of winning 10313 Wildflower Bouquet!

Subscriber copies are being posted a couple of days late this month because we have an exclusive feature about the LEGO Group’s biggest original theme yet – this behind-the-scenes story reveals how it came about, the thinking that went into it and how it is combining epic storytelling with encouraging creativity. Illustrated with beautiful concept art, it’s a story not to be missed.

As the cover reveals, there’s also a deep dive into the new video game LEGO 2K Drive. Art Director Emmanuel Valdez reveals everything you need to know about this fresh take on the digital brick world that brings kart racing and open world exploration together. It’s full of LEGO wackiness.

The creativity of the fan community is under the spotlight as Blocks takes a look at Summer Joust, the LEGO Castle themed contest that sees the world’s best builders competing to be most creative within the medieval period. In the physical realm, there’s a show report from this year’s Bricktastic event that saw AFOLs from around the world displaying impressive MOCs.

Nostalgists will love a look back at the Redcoats faction from LEGO Pirates, with classic sets revisited and instructions for building a little outpost using modern elements. A lesser known part of LEGO history is how the company made inroads into Germany, kickstarting the global expansion that saw the Danish company become the global behemoth that it is today; learn all about it this month.

That’s not all of course – read reviews of the LEGO Indiana Jones sets, learn some tricks for texturing your builds, hear from the academics using LEGO bricks in research and much, much more within the 116 page magazine.

For a bonus dose of Blocks magazine, 100 Incredible LEGO Builds edition celebrates the amazing creativity of LEGO builders from around the world. It is guest edited by Head of Design Matthew Ashton, with commentary provided throughout by the LEGO design team. No LEGO fan should miss it!

Blocks is giving away 10313 Wildflower Bouquet! To be entered into the prize draw and to get Blocks magazine delivered every month – ahead of the shops – visit and check out the money-saving subscription deals available.

Everyone who subscribes to the print edition by May 31 will be in with a chance of winning (existing subscribers will automatically be entered into the prize draw).

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