ToysWorld Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide – 2021

We’ve reached the time of year where we get a flurry of emails from our visitors and followers asking for last minute gift ideas for Christmas. ToysWorld are thrilled to unveil our Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide – 2021

10) Pokemon: Fusion Strike – Booster Packs
The Pokemon Company / £3.99 each / Ages: 6+

We kick off with a great stocking filler in the form of Pokemon’s latest trading card offering; Sword & Shield: Fusion Strike! These booster packs are £3.99 each and contain 10 additional cards to collect, play and swap with friends.

9) Elves Behavin’ Badly dolls
PMS International / From £2.99 each / Ages: 4+

Our first Christmas-themed entry to this year’s guide is a fun riff on the popular ‘Elf On The Shelf‘ tradition. UK-based ‘Elves Behavin Badly‘ do everything their international cousins do, but are backed by an excellent marketing campaign, promoting the mischievous element of the product.

You can also purchase alternative clothing and accessories. Pop one of these in a stocking or under the tree for endless fun for many December’s to come!

8) Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron
Moose Toys / £69.99 / Ages: 5+

This toy is going to be on a lot of lists this Christmas – and for good reason! Magic Mixies Magical Misting Cauldron has all the potential of the Hatchimals craze a few years back, except, unlike the aforementiond, you can repeat the USP over and over again. What is this USP we speak of? Well, kids get to pour “ingredients” into a cauldron, which bubbles and smokes, and together with a magic want (included), reveals a cute, collectible, fluffy toy (the Magic Mixie). Each Mixie comes with 50+ sounds and reactions, too.

7) Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl [Nintendo Switch]
ILCA / £49.99 / Ages: 7+

Back to Pokemon again, and Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl are loyally remastered editions of the 2006 Nintendo DS classics (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl). Note the additions of “Brilliant” and “Shining” in the new editions, which really do live up to the monikers.

In our opinion, these are huge improvements on the originals, and the colours and gameplay really pop on the Nintendo Switch console.

6) LEGO: Creator Expert – Santa’s Visit [10293]
The LEGO Group / £79.99 / Ages: 18+

As a kid, having a LEGO set under the tree is a rite of pasage that brings instant joy. It’s that gift that won’t be ripped into straight away, but will be there for you when the sparkle of the other gifts may have diminished somewhat. Santa’s Visit is the latest in the Winter Village sub-series, following on from Elf Clubhouse, Gingerbread House, and Fire Station from previous years. It’s also aimed at big kids… namely adults ages 18+, but will also be a perfect family build.

An excellent set that you’ll want to rebuild and display each year!

5) LEGO Super Mario 64 – ? Block [71395]
The LEGO Group / £159.99 / Ages: 18+

Our second LEGO entry comes in at the Number 5 spot, and despite not being a Christmas-themed gift, does actually have a rather Christmassy USP – a big yellow box, with question marks all over, just begging to be opened! This set will give a much needed nostalgic hit to anyone who remembers the Nintendo 64 classic (Super Mario 64) with fondness. The ? Block is packed full of nods and surprises that will have you smiling throuhgout the build. There are plenty of cool mechanisms, too, as well as one big secret compartment which we won’t spoil here! This is a gift that is once more aimed at the 18+ market, but what kid doesn’t like Super Mario? The bigger question is will you, as a parent, let you kids help you build it?! 🙂

4) LEGO Star Wars: AT-AT (UCS) [75313]
The LEGO Group / £699.99 / Ages: 18+

Yes… ANOTHER LEGO entry, and this one is a gift that any red-blooded Star Wars fan would turn to the dark side for. The Ultimate Collector Series Star Wars: AT-AT, has been on the top requests list for years now, and LEGO have finally delivered. Weighing in at a whopping 6785 pieces and standing tall at 25″, this set will act as a wonderful centre piece and talking point to any LEGO / Star Wars fan’s collection.

At £699.99, this is the most expensive item on our Christmas Gift Guide, but what a gift this would make!

3) Masters Of The Universe Origins: Castle Grayskull Playset
Mattel / £89.99 / Ages: 6+

One thing that is sadly lacking for kids these days are playsets. The inevitable lure of technology is masking the back-to-basics style of play that most of us reading this can remember from our own childhood. Thank heavens for He-Man (with a little help from license holders, Mattel), who brings back the Castle Grayskull playset that changed the face of the toy industry almost 40 years ago, back in 1982. Having owned the original, we are pleased to confirm this is an incredibly loyal re-release of the original, with a few updated components. You also get a FREE Limited Edition ‘Temple Of Darkness Sorceress’ action figure!

From the stunning artwork to the multi-level sections, this is the ultimate playset for fans young and old.

2) Nintendo Switch OLED
Nintendo / £309.99 / 6+

Our big tech entry for this year’s gift guide has to be the recently released Nintendo Switch OLED. There have been rumblings of a “pro” version of the Switch for over a year now, and quite how the form factor would look has been a constant talking point amongst the gaming community. We now know just how awesome the Switch OLED is with its larger, 7-inch, vibrant screen, enhanced audio, much more stable stand, 64 GB of internal storage and wired LAN port.

If you already own a Nintendo Switch, we still recommend getting this version – especially if you have kids. The upgrades are noticeable – especially the screen quality and its vibrancy.

1) LEGO Ideas: Home Alone [21330]
The LEGO Group / £229.99 / Ages: 18+

It was a close one, but LEGO have pushed through to win the top spot in this year’s ToysWorld Top 10 Christmas Gift Guide! The LEGO Ideas: Home Alone set was inspired by 28-year-old fan, Alex Storozhuk, and includes key moments / scenes from the movie – all set in the infamous McAllister house. Anyone who is a fan of the LEGO Creator Expert modular buildings will love this – it’s certainly the largest domestic house that LEGO have ever produced, and it looks absolutely stunning!

There are a total of 5 Minifigures (Kevin, Kate, Harry, Marv & Old Man Marley), as well as a tree house and Harry and Marv’s van. This is the ultimate family build for the festive season, and, quite possibly, a gift you may not be able to wait until the big day to unwrap!

Kudos to LEGO for an incredible year of products, and in particular, for continuing to produce a popular toy that doesn’t come with a plug or a micro chip. We love our tech, but having toys that take us back to basics – the building blocks of play (if you pardon the pun), is something that has to be celebrated!

We would like to wish all our visitors, followers and viewers a very Merry Christmas for 2021, and we look forward to all the toy, video game & tech releases to come in 2022!

Is there a particular gift you are hoping for / wanting to buy for someone this Christmas? Let us know in the comments, below!

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