Toy Racer: The Stig Meets LEGO Technic In Tarmac-Shredding Chase Film

LEGO Technic has launched a high-octane car chase film, The Chase, starring celebrated stunt and racing driver Ben Collins in his new role as LEGO Technic’s official stuntman.

Collins, known for his former role as ‘The Stig’ on Top Gear and his stunt driving on James Bond films including Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, stars as both the hero and the baddie in a thrilling battle between two LEGO Technic Pullback cars – WHACK! and BASH!

The Chase’ can be watched below:

Technic models including the Rough Terrain Crane, Heavy Duty Forklift and Mack Anthem Truck make cameo appearances as part of the foot-to-the-floor action in The Chase – showing the authentic, challenging builds in exciting set-ups to help spark kid’s imaginations.

Former Le Mans driver Ben wants to inspire kids to test the boundaries of play with LEGO Technic using his own stunts and inspiring them to create their own.

Ben Collins said:

“This film was created not just for the awesome stunts but also to inspire children to think outside of the box when it comes to creative play. By showcasing my skills as LEGO’s official stunt driver, I hope to open children’s minds to the endless potential LEGO Technic offers when building. LEGO Technic has always been a big part of my family – my three kids are all huge fans – so it’s been a real pleasure to be able to combine my love of stunt driving with my love of LEGO in The Chase. I hope it inspires kids everywhere to create their very own epic stunts!”

Ben Collins’ top 5 tips for creating the ultimate LEGO Technic stunt are:

1. Build ramps and jumps to reach greater heights
2. Don’t worry if you damage your vehicle, you can simply rebuild and get racing again!
3. Keep practising until you master the tricks
4. Get your car to top speed before smashing through bricks for maximum effect
5. Don’t be afraid to modify your vehicle for more impressive stunts

The ‘Play Well’ report, recently published by the LEGO Group, highlights how taking part in imaginative play can lead children into a less-stressed, healthier lifestyle than those who lead low-play lives. 82% of parents believe children who play more will achieve more educational success. Ben’s role is intended to encourage kids to dedicate more time to play and in-turn reap the positive rewards.*

Nicola Mellor, Brand Manager for LEGO Technic, said:

“It’s incredibly exciting for us to have Ben on board helping to inspire the next generation of stunt drivers and builders. LEGO Technic is all about Building for Real. Designed with authenticity, challenge and functionality at the heart, LEGO Technic aims to thrill and spark the imaginations of LEGO fans new and old alike.”

Head to to see the full LEGO Technic range and start creating your own stunt school.



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