The Time of Angels Mini-Set – [Character Building]

Manufacturer: Character Building
RRP: £9.99
Release Date: 13th May 2011

The second of three currently available Doctor Who Mini-Sets from Character Building that ToysWorld are reviewing, is The Time of Angels Mini-Set.

Comprising of just 68 pieces (compared to the Dalek Progenitor Room set which has 118 pieces), and with a build time of around 10 minutes, it’s significantly easier to put together, with the larger rocky pieces ready to snap in as one-unit standalone blocks.

Although not as enjoyable to build as the Dalek Progenitor RoomThe Time of Angels Mini-Set makes up in scale, with five levels of different heights to re-enact scenes with the chilling Weeping Angels.

There is a slight variance with the box image (pictured), that represents a platform on one of the centre rocks that you can perch the angel on. On the actual finished product, there is no such ledge – of course, there are plenty of other areas on the Mini-Set for the stone menace to spy its potential victims from.

The set includes one pre-assembled Weeping Angel Micro-Figure to play with, which is also available in the blind bags currently available in the shops for £1.99.

At just £9.99, it’s definitely worth the money, and a lot cheaper than a similar set in size would cost if it had the LEGO branding on it.

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