Santa’s Express (R1179) – [Hornby]

Manufacturer: Hornby
RRP: £69.99
Release Date: October 2015
Assembly Time: 10-15 Minutes approx.

productinfoInject a bit of Hornby magic into Christmas with the special Santa’s Express Train Set. The set includes everything you need to get started, including Santa’s festive train, an oval track, power transformer and mat. Whether this is your first train set, or you’re a seasoned modeller, Santa’s Express will delight young and old alike and is sure to become a festive favourite.

Hornby has established itself as the market leader for electronic train sets for several generations. Chances are, you, your parents and possibly even your grandparents will remember playing with a Hornby train set at some point in their lifetime.

When you throw Christmas into the mix, the resulting mash-up is a truly awesome set in the form of ‘Santa’s Express’. It feels like The Polar Express, The Hogwarts Express and the Coca Cola ‘train’ advert all rolled into one, festive-fuelled set.

As is expected from the Hornby brand, there is a painstaking amount of detail that goes into each train and wagon; the Santa’s Express itself is adorned in a festive red with gold and black detailing. The present wagon is a festive green and the central section slots in and out of the wagon to allow you to fill it with the gifts. The third and final wagon is for the reindeer, and features a wood-effect brown with gold ‘Reindeer in transit’ text and an image of a reindeer.

Also included is the ‘Starter Oval’ track pieces, comprising of 8 curves and two short straights. You also get the control unit and a Trakmat.

Assembly of the track can take between 10-15 minutes, depending on how seasoned you are in joining the metal connectors. The power unit connects via two meta connectors on one of the short straight track pieces, and once the train is placed on the track, you’re ready to go!

Whilst the track that comes supplied with the set is pretty basic, you can easily buy additional track to send Santa’s Express on a greater journey. In our household, we have it circling the Christmas tree, and with the tree lights above, it looks quite magical and adds a great ambience to the room.

Overall it’s a cracking set that you’ll want to pull out every Christmas season (and find it hard not to play with when it’s not) 🙂


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