REVIEW – SpyBots: T.R.I.P

Kids love gadgets, and one thing that has always proven to be a popular gift over the past few decades are robots. From a young age, robots always seemed to us to be a symbol of the future; something we could rely on to do the things we find full of effort or mundane.

Growing up as a kid in the 1980s, I remember owing Tomy’s ‘My Robot OMS-B Dingbot‘ a little Wall-E type robot that chattered away, zooming around and bumping into things. It may not seem like much by today’s standards, but at the time, it was genuinely like owning a piece of the future.

Skip forward a few years, and now my own son, Jacob (9-years-old), also loves robots, and whilst browsing our local toy superstore, we recently discovered the SpyBots range by Character Toys. The first product of which we are getting to grips with is the ‘T.R.I.P: LED Tripwire Alarm Robot‘.

Measuring at 6 inches tall, T.R.I.P is a security robot who will stand guard over your bedroom or den, and alert you when an intruder has crossed the path of his invisible tripwire. You can keep out any unwanted siblings or… *whispers* parents, and if any dare to cross his path, T.R.I.P will set off a screaming siren, which is accompanied by flashing lights – enough to scare anyone away!

It doesn’t stop there, though; not only will T.R.I.P alert you, but he will actively chase after the intruders.

You can place him anywhere, and he even projects a logo onto any flat surface, warning anyone who sees him that the area is protected.

I think what I personally love most about him is the fact that he actually looks like he means business. There’s something slightly Terminator-edque about his red eye light, which makes him badass – especially when he’s chasing you out of the room.

The motion sensor is surprisingly responsive for a kids toy, and as the parent you could even test this out, Squid Game style 🙂

The age range is 6+, and your kids will most definitely enjoy hours of fun protecting their domain with this little guy.

+ T.R.I.P: LED Tripwire Alarm Robot is OUT NOW!
+ BUY from Smyths Toys Superstores for £22.99!

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