REVIEW – LEGO City: Satellite Service Mission [60224]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £9.99 / $9.99
Release Date: 1st June 2019
No. of pieces: 84
Build Time: 35 Mins approx.


Give young space adventurers a treat with a NASA-inspired exploration shuttle and satellite set.

This exciting LEGO City 60224 Satellite Service Mission spaceship toy features a shuttle with opening minifigure cockpit and room in the back for the satellite, plus a satellite with opening solar panels, Extra Vehicular Activity suit with golden visor, wrench and an astronaut minifigure.

LEGO fans of a certain age will remember the original LEGO Space sets from the 1980’s, with fond affection. I was definitely one of them, and it was arguably one of the first ranges that LEGO produced, that truly captivated the imagination of building around the theme, as well as buying other sets to add to that theme.

2019 happens to be the 50th anniversay of the historic NASA moon landing, and to celebrate, LEGO have just released a brand new wave to mark the occasion. With hints of the past that tick all the right nostalgia boxes, LEGO also move forward with some truly exciting new sets in this new range, and some can even be used in connection with the fab LEGO City Explorers app!

Mars is very much front and centre as the theme across this year’s space sets, and with an actual proposed date of 2030 for NASA’s human Mars landing, what better way to celebrate the future of space travel?!

This morning, one of the entry level sets hit the ToysWorld desk, and we couldn’t wait to get stuck in and review it.

The Satellite Service Mission [60224] set has just 84 pieces and is priced at just £9.99, and  you get quite a lot of your money. The exploration shuttle is beautifully detailed with a white, orange and black colour scheme (kind of reminiscent of BB-8 for the Star Wars fans among us), and there’s a great new Mars exploration logo in the form of 2 stickers, which you apply to the sides of the craft. It’s all very striking and the orange really pops!

Also included is the satellite itself, with foldable wings and solar panel stickers on each wing. The satellite folds up neatly and tucks away at the back of the shuttle. There are two hinged brackets at the back that pin the shuttle in place, but one minor gripe is that it still rattles around in there – it would be great if it could click into place and then have a mechnism to release it, but for £9.99, you can’t really complain!

We simply LOVED the astronaut minifigure that you get with the set. He comes with a gold visor, an orange and black print on the suit (which ties in neatly with the shuttle colours), and a rocket pack, which is formed together with the helmet.

There’s fantastic playability here; from the opening and closing cockpit, to the satellite deployment, it’s hard to buy this and not instantly want the entire range.




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