REVIEW – iCollect Everything (App)

Whether you are a collector or just have a really big collection, it can sometimes be hard keeping tabs on exactly what you own, the quantities, and the condition it’s in.

Whilst there are countless inventory based software offerings out there, nothing quite compares with the depth, customisation and visually appealing nature of iCollect Everything – a universal app for iOS, MacOS and Android (coming soon), that allows you to effortlessly catalogue your collection. We’ve been using the software for a couple of months now, and adding items to the database is both quick and easy. You can either scan in the barcode of the product (currently over 6 million items are scannable) or manually enter the information.

There are many collection categories to choose from, including Action Figures, Art, Books, Coins, LEGO, Magazines, Video Games and more. We’ve mainly been using it to catalogue our LEGO collection, but switching between each category is as simple as clicking the ‘Switch’ tab. It also means that you can view the dedicated category without blurring the lines between other collections – each neatly sits in its own section.

Everything you could want from a catalogue app is here; you can have more than one photo, you can key in the estimated value, purchase price, date, condition and year, and even give each item a rating – these are just a few of the many options available! Speaking of value, each item you add an estimated value to will tally up in the Collection Value menu option to give you a running total of what your entire collection is worth.

The customisation options are where iCollect Everything sits a head and shoulders above the competition. It’s just another level that, whilst not necessary, adds so much more to an already fantastic app. You chan change the main colour theme, you can customise the cell data and data fields, and even the layout between list, extended list and grid formats.

There’s even a handy Wishlist tab for you to add products you are wanting to get or have preordered. Just one tap and you can easily move it to your main collection – genius!

This is the first app we’ve actually reviewed for ToysWorld, and with it iCollect Everything has managed to score one of our rare 5-star Gold ratings! This is THE app every collector should have!


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