LEGO Technic: ‘Crawler Crane’ Set [42042]

Manufacturer: LEGO
RRP: £109.99
Release Date: June 2015
No. of pieces: 1401
Build Time: 4 Hours approx.

Make way for the powerful LEGO Technic Crawler Crane! This huge, robust 2-in-1 model comes with an array of realistic details and exciting features. Activate the included Power Functions motor and use the joysticks to operate the boom, raise and lower the claw, rotate the superstructure and drive the huge caterpillar tracks that manoeuver this mighty machine! Includes an authentic double winch and pulley system with extensive cabling, working claw, detailed cab with tilt function, exhaust pipe and a ventilation grill. You can also extend the boom for even greater height! A cool blue and white colour scheme adds the finishing touch to this awesome model. Rebuilds into a huge Mobile Tower Crane!

From the second you see the box, you know that the LEGO Technic Crawler Crane [42042] is going to be a complex build. Complex, but immensely rewarding – both throughout the build and once you have the finished set.

Due to the sheer number of parts (1401 in total), you cannot take your eye off the instructions, as missing just one step could require you to deconstruct and reassemble. There are a number of cogs that each need to be in perfect position for the various operations to work correctly.

As for the operations themselves, the crane can move backwards and forwards, it can rotate 360°, there’s also a motorised boom and a motorised winch. The only downside is the grabber itself, which has to be manually operated to perform opening and closing actions. It’s only a minor niggle, but it would have been good to have the ability to remotely activate this function to complete the feature set.

The crane is pretty big too, measuring over 2 feet from top to base, so you definitely get a lot of bang for your buck / pound!

For once, applying the stickers was actually one of the easier jobs, and, perhaps one of the trickiest bits was applying the black strings that connect to two areas of the crane’s arm. One piece has to loop through 5 sections, and the other leads up the arm and down to the claw.

The power function control unit is actually on-board the crane itself, and is powered via the battery pack which requires 6 x AA batteries (not included).

Build time was around 4 hours, due to the concentration and volume of pieces, but it was an incredible enjoyable 4 hours, and the sense of achievement you get, once complete, is fantastic.

As well as the Crawler Crane, there are exclusive instructions available online to rebuild the set as a Mobile Tower Crane – again adding excellent value to this set, and making the £109.99 retail price every bit worth it.



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